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  1. the_tinman

    VDR Hare Scramble Round 6 - Feb 8, 2015

    they are good pics!
  2. There are a lot of old enduro riders out there, Im one as well. I would recomend the Sportsmans class and just ride and have fun. On another note looks like the weather may be pretty crappy. Pete, you thinking of postponing till 11/18?
  3. the_tinman

    Colorado PPIR Clear of snow?

    Thinking about heading down to PPIR Sunday 2/19, how are the conditions? thanks Marc
  4. Thinking about trying out ice racing this season, cant find much on which organization is running a series ect. How dangerious is it compared to offroad racing? How to get started cheap so I can see if its for me? Thanks Marc
  5. the_tinman

    VDR HS round 4: Sunday 12/11

    Its lookin like there will be some skiing at Berthod this Sunday IF they hold the race. Figures after a year and a half of not racing the VDR series I planned on coming back this weekend ... its that time of year. Anyone do any ice racing? Im seriously thinking of giving it a try on my 525 EXC.
  6. the_tinman

    Technical Single Track riding buddies?

    So what's up with the tickets? citing on trail or at a parking area?
  7. the_tinman

    Jack Rabbit Enduro April 10 Bennett, CO

    At this point I would be happy to pay $70/race.... still need another knee surgery after last May's crash. Hate having to sit on the sidelines! I know the fees can seem high but having been involved with the RMEC and VDR series I know that there is really no money promoting these types of revents. Hope to be back sometime this year. Have a great race this weekend, Marc
  8. the_tinman

    Organize 717 Race?

    I think most offroad A riders have a private stash of ST somewhere.... Ill agree with Mathprof on this, Rangers know where the illegal trails are. The stuff I know of is mostly unpleasant for anyone not at an A level and doesnt get ridden that often. The days of racing on FS land are probably gone.
  9. the_tinman

    Glenn Tyson Life Celebration

    Any updates on how this happened? I didnt know Glenn but am very sorry to hear of his families loss, they are in my prayers.
  10. the_tinman

    VDR Hare Scrambles on Easter? changed to 4-11

    I would prefer a Saturday race regardless of Easter. Later start in the day would be fine or preffered.
  11. the_tinman

    How Much Snow At PPIR?

    looks like its all melted, way less than up here in Longmont! Anyone else considering riding there tomorrow? How muddy do you think it will be? Thanks
  12. the_tinman

    Colorado How Much Snow At PPIR?

    anyone know how much snow PPIR is getting? Would like to ride Sunday but not in a slop fest.
  13. the_tinman

    VDR Hare Scrambles on Easter? changed to 4-11

    I know a couple others that could make the Sat race as well