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    Good responses and words of advice. I suppose my seller's remorse is kickin in. I'm sure the YZ 250F is an awesome machine. We'll just have to see if I can make the transition from my 450 down to the 250. I do hope the trade off in power is more than made up in ride-ability and control.....
  2. I ride a 04 CRF 450, but I'm interested in getting a 06 YZ 250F to replace it but am worried and confused. After reading MXA's test of ther 06 YZ 250F, I'm even more confused. Their review and comments about the handling and "dated" motor are giving me a bad taste. I'd much rather keep what I have and wait til September when the 07's come out, than to buy a "problem" right now. Thanks for reading and any help you can give.