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  1. zippyfear

    Favorite MX Gear?

    we recently bought a set of custom gear from Hazardous Sports (http://www.hazardous-sports.com) and my son loves it.. says it's more comfortable than any gear he has worn (and he's been through them all). They will also put the name, number, and sponsors on the shirt as well as the name and number on the pants.. We've also got alot of compliments on the way it looks at the track from other riders. -Mike
  2. zippyfear

    I want to know how to ride like RC

    I think they were running average speeds at Daytona of 78MPH. I was clocked using a gps with a MAX speed of 56 and an AVG of 34 on a much less technical track with long flat straight parts.. I'm pretty slow anyways, but.. it's funny that anyone would even THINK you might have been serious. -Mike
  3. zippyfear

    How do you get sponsored?

    depends on the company. Most have responded in 1-3 days. Good luck! I also assume that if you submit for a larger company it might take a little longer. -Mike
  4. zippyfear

    How do you get sponsored?

    I know this was said twice before, but check out sponsorhouse.com My 9yr old son has only been racing a year and a half and we put together the information on the sponsorhouse website. here is the link for his profile - http://www.sponsorhouse.com/members/zippyfear/ Sponsorhouse has a great system for putting together a member profile (resume). You can submit one request for sponsor for free. after that if you want more, you'd need to pay. out of 7 submitted we recieved 5 offers and accepted 3 sponsors. Hazardous Sports - Custom MX gear Utopia Optics - Goggles Six Six One - Protection We also had one repair shop about 300 miles away offer sponsorship without a submitted resume. (they must have been browsing profiles by location). Which was a pretty cool for my son. If you're really interested in sponsorship it's really the way to go! Hope that helps. -Mike
  5. zippyfear

    looking ahead

    So, if I just look at the end of the jump, that's where I'll land? heh..
  6. zippyfear

    I want to know how to ride like RC

    heh.. pretty funny post though.. I was reading the original post thinking.. hey, I'm only 32 and started riding a year ago.. maybe I CAN make it pro!! then I remembered that my wife won't let me race and I'm still afraid of pinning my bike in 3rd, turns, and most the jumps.. Guess I'll stick to riding for fun and cheering on my 9yr old in the 65 class who still posts better lap times than me with my yz250f. -Zippyfear
  7. zippyfear

    75% off Gary Semics VHS Videos

    You should check out www.totalvid.com, you can purchase a 7 day viewing license for downloading the videos for $3.99 each.. It's a good price to at least figure out which ones are worth buying..