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  1. 98Thumpin400f

    525 EXC for street applications?????

    Thanks for all the input guys! I am currently shopping for a 525 now and just missed a killer deal on ebay. How well does the bike handle at highway speeds? I know it is not going to do great on the highway but what I am wondering is how it would do for a ten or twenty mile stretch? Thanks again
  2. I am seriously considering a 525exc to convert to the street and I am curious to find out from someone who has one how well they work out? I have ridden a DRZ-400 SM and was a little displeased with the amount of power it had. I plan on having one set of supermotard rims and tires and one set of off road tires. How well does this bike work for this?
  3. 98Thumpin400f

    Need A Stock Gas Tank 98400f

    Does anybody have a stock gas tank they want to sell for a reasonable price or know where I can get one fairly cheep.
  4. 98Thumpin400f

    oil pressure check?

    My local had the washers in stock my leak has been repaired and the first test ride was a success except for my neighbors yelling to stay off the street but I had to try her out.
  5. 98Thumpin400f

    oil pressure check?

    Just for every body to know from my experience the oil psi check was a success but on the negative side I now have a oil gushing banjo fitting so I have found that you should have some extra washers on hand to avoid missing a ride if you loosen one!! I am glad I joined this forum I have achieved great knowledge from all who have helped
  6. 98Thumpin400f

    oil pressure check?

    Thanks for all the input guys. I definitely pre lubed everything good so that should not be a problem. Here goes nothing.
  7. 98Thumpin400f

    oil pressure check?

    Thanks 642MX I will give that a try. I took the drain plug out already and kicked it over by hand to see if it would pump any oil out that way but did not have any luck. I may not have been turning the engine fast enough to generate any psi. The reason I am so concerned is because I bought the bike used and before I could even ride it I had to tear it down for the rebuild. I just don't want to have to go right back into it. Thanks again for the input I will crank it up for the first time tomorrow and see what happens
  8. 98Thumpin400f

    oil pressure check?

    I just completed a top end rebuild on a 98 YZ400F moments ago and I am wondering if there is a quick way to make sure I am getting oil to the top end manually before I crank it up and don't have oil pressure for some crazy reason.
  9. 98Thumpin400f

    New to 98 yz400 f

    If the timing chain has never been replaced, I suggest you at least look at that and check your valve adjustment while you are in there. If your chain stretches out too much you might not find out until it eats the gear on the crankshaft witch is bad. A thirty dollar timing chain is a much cheaper repair and then you know how much time it has on it. Just some food for thought.
  10. 98Thumpin400f

    opinion on price for 98-99 YZ400F

    I just bought a 98 YZ400F and paid $1400 but........ I have had to do a complete top end rebuild before I could even ride it the timing chain was stretched so far that it started to show signs of wear on the crank gear witch can be a costly repair. If the bike has not been raced is in good shape and the proper maintenance has been done I would say it is worth at least $2000 maybe a little more. Make sure the engine is not making any abnormal noises hot or cold.
  11. 98Thumpin400f

    Cylinder Head removal

    It was deff. wise to pull the motor out it is much easier like that. I labeled my caps my shims for my valves and the head with a sharpie so I knew where each one came from. I would also suggest a manual if you do not already have one. There are a lot of critical torque specs you need to go by.
  12. 98Thumpin400f

    Who is in Virginia??

    Just shoutin at the locals!!
  13. 98Thumpin400f

    Yz400f Top End Overhaul??

    I think I have found the biggest of my problems. Today I was cleaning some of my parts up and found a piece of a metal shaft stuck to the magnet on the inside of my flywheel. I took it with me to pick up some parts from the dealer and asked a tech if he might know what it was he said he thought it could possibly be the tip of my water pump shaft so when I got home I pulled the right side cover and found that the shaft was very new looking. The piece of metal looked just like the tip of my shaft. It appears that the guy I bought the bike from broke it and just put a new shaft in and never got the old piece out. So just in case anybody ever runs into this it is a straight shot through the balance shaft to the the flywheel side of the engine. If your water pump tip ever is to break off it will go right to the opposite side of the engine. It also makes some pretty weird and obvious rattling noises. Thank you to everybody for the input.
  14. 98Thumpin400f

    Yz400f Top End Overhaul??

    The rod does not have any play up or down and the clunk sounds more like it is coming from down in the bottom like around the balance shaft. It only does it at tdc not at bdc could it be a small amount of lash between the crank and the balance shaft?
  15. 98Thumpin400f

    Yz400f Top End Overhaul??

    During a YZ400F top end overhaul has anybody noticed a clunking noise while spinning the engine back and forth past TDC by hand? Does the piston rod tend to have a little bit of play from side to side? The reason I am asking is because I had some weird engine noises before the tear down and I am trying to pinpoint the problem. Thanks for any input.