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  1. CWR

    The 690 Picture Thread

    New to me and no great shots yet since the furthest I have had it is the local Cleavland Nat Forest ... soon I hope.
  2. Happy to say I took the plunge and picked up a very nice '08 from a friend. 1400 miles, Trail Tricks suspension, Scotts sub mount ready, Renazco seat, Wolfman Racks, foam filter, FMF and remap, windscreen ... I am stoked!
  3. I am right there with you on picking up a 690 to adventure with ... nice post and feedback to confirm this is the right bike for me. I was considering a 950SE, but decided against the extra size/weight/cost.
  4. CWR


    Unfortunately, not for me ... I stretch before and after. I do spend a lot of time on the pegs when riding and always have ... I think it is somewhat age related I am sure my fitness regime that doesn't really exist, contributes. Walking at night with the MRS and riding infrequently probably doesn't qualify as a "program". I just went ahead and ordered a kilo Tom since I would be doing Gatorade anyway ... I threw the dice with the "citrus" flavor. Stuff was cheap (of course shipping added 50% to the purchase!).
  5. CWR


    Never cramped for decades but in the last few years, whenever I ride a long loop 100 +/- I KNOW I will wake up with cramps in the middle of the night ... Gatorade seems to help, but this sounds like the ticket. Ordered a key ... thanks for the tip!
  6. '07 300 XC-W; '02 CR125 (son); '05 450X
  7. Thanks for the assist and posting this Tom. I received a phone call from someone who said they couldn't see the underscore ( _ ) on my E mail address between the "W" and the "R" in CW_Roady part of the address.
  8. CWR

    Exhaust for 450x

    Probably where I will go .... unhappy with my DMC and would not recommend their exhaust. Not a significant difference in power, mounting bracket cracked/broke clear thru in 2 of 3 locations with normal use (admittedly over a 2 year+ period) and follow up offer of support was to sell me another can at a reduced price. From everything I have heard, MRD would make things right, regardless of the timeline. For what it is worth, I am a big fan of Dave Miller and had him build my daughter one of his CR80 / XR100 conversions years ago which is still an awesome bike .... I believe he sold the pipe business long ago.
  9. Unfortunately, not yet.
  10. CWR

    Sunline Brake Pedal

    pedal is a work of art but it won't fit the X. It doesn't curve out to avoid hitting the clutch cover ...
  11. CWR

    Sunline Brake Pedal

    silence sounds like I may be the guinea pig on this one ... I will post my findings if there is any interest?
  12. CWR

    Sunline Brake Pedal

    Anyone use one of these billet replacements on their X? They don't show a part number for the X and the R and X have different OEM part numbers. I have ordered one and will see soon enough, but thought I would check here first and not re-invent the wheel if it has already been discovered to work or not.
  13. CWR


    That is disappointing.
  14. Our friends at Troy Lee Designs are asking for our help. Dave Derosier (TLD Mechanic for Gavin Gracyk) was struck by a hit and run driver last night. A scary situation that could have gone even worse than him currently residing in intensive care in the hospital. Maybe we can spread the word to help catch the SOB. 02/01/2008 Gracyk's Mechanic involved in hit-and-run incident Here is an update on the incident involving Dave Derosier, who is Gavin Gracyk's long time mechanic. Dave was struck by an unidentified red compact car last night at approximately 8:00pm crossing the street from Marie Calendar's back to the Troy Lee Designs race shop after having dinner with friends. From the on site account, the vehicle stopped only long enough to try and recover a broken off mirror then drove away from the scene. Other identifiable damage to the car include a badly dented hood, and broken windshield. Dave is now in a stable state in intensive care at the Riverside Community hospital with serious, but recoverable injuries. Any persons with information about this incident are encouraged to contact the Corona Police Department at 951-736-2337, to aid in the investigation