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    Any tips on pulling wheelies over obstacles or through long ruts
  2. What is the difference between the Dep and JD jetting kits and which is the better
  3. Thanks for your advice if I buy the JD kit off the thumpertalk website I take it that it comes with a blue needle I dont have to purchase this seperatley. What is the difference between the JD Kit and the DEP Kit ?
  4. Does the JD jetting kit available from the store contain the blue needle everyone talks about.
  5. Most threads I have read have had people swapping over to a JD Blue needle i have a WR450 04 with a dep pipe on it What is it that makes the difference with the blue needle ? Would i need a different set up because of the dep pipe and is the JD kit suitable for use with a dep ?
  6. dutch158

    Hot Start Cable

    I have a Wr450 04 model Upon checking the bike on the weekend I noticed the hot start cable was loose. The plastic threaded screw cap holding the cable in the carb was totally stripped of any thread. Has anyone else experienced this problem and are there any alternatives to putting a plastic threaded cap back on. Cheers
  7. so putting the clip to towarsd the top of the needle will make it lean ?
  8. on 3rd clip from top on needle this was set by local yam dealer who also previous to that set it at the top. i think it is a 40 or 42 pilot jet not sure on fuel screw. is that two turns out from all the way in on fuel screw
  9. temperature varies between 10 - 20 c altitude varies around 160 ft
  10. I live in the Uk and have a WR450F 04 model I have had the bike from new. I had a few problems with her as the power would die or get bogged down when opening the up the throttle. I took the bike to a local Yam dealer who stripped the carb cleaned it and changed the setting on the needle to 1. When I had the bike back it run brilliantly for a while. Then I seemed to have a lot of backfiring problems when shutting the throttle down and some flat spots now and again when opening her up. I have a DEP pipe on the bike but have not changed the header pipe. I found the bike to be allot smoother with the DEP pipe. I have stripped the carb down to give it a good clean. I have cleaned all the jets through etc. I was wondering if you could recommend what setting I should have on the needle ? Is it worth me re-jetting the bike now as it is stripped down if so what do you recommend ? Secondly does anyone have the factory settings for the air screw adjustments etc or the recommended how many turns from being screwed all the way in ? The altitudes I ride at very however it is often very wet here in the UK. (WALES) Look forward to your responses. Cheers