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  1. Okay.. so I acquired an 04 CRF 100 that is currently motard'd out a bit.. mainly to be used as a pit bike and play around bike.. but I also like to hit the kart tracks, and am gonna race it a bit in WERA mini superbike as well this season.. and had some questions, as I know next to nothing of dirt bikes First, its sitting on 17" rims wide enough for 120/70 street take-offs, which so far has been fine for me.. I got a 120 big bore kit along with it, as well as a KX 85 front end. I noticed the KX forks are about 5" longer than the stock CRF ones, and wondered how they could be modified to be the same height (if the same height were recommended for motard.. seems ok for me so far.. easily kneedragging). Altho I know if I were to just to leave them the same height, I would have to raise the rear too (and Im not sure how you would do that on the dirt either) Second, the rim that came w/ the KX front end is a lot thinner than the rims I have now. Would it be possible to respoke the KX hub with the wider rim I have? Third, so far I havent had any top speed issues on the kart tracks, but the bigger WERA tracks leave me staring at my watch on the straights.. anyone else have any ideas on gearing? I wanted to see if I could get some front/rear combos that wouldnt require me to change chains as well, but if need be I will (since I dont have to cut the chains and all) Anyone have any comments?