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  1. Ricardo

    street legal in CA

    I want to make my XR650 street legal and already have all the gear(light kit w/horn, tyres and mirros) Can anyone point me in the right direction in terms of how to deal with the DMV in CA??? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Ricardo
  2. Ricardo

    Watta ya think ? 650R custom dual sport

    Bikes are very cool!!! Congrats!!! Do you know of any threads where I can get info about dealing with the DMV in California? Thanks, Ricardo
  3. Ricardo

    street legal in CA

    Any tips on dealing with the DMV inspection to make my xr650 street legal? Any threads on this much discussed subject anyone? Thanks Ricardo
  4. Ricardo

    street legal xr650

    Anyone knows of the steps necessary to make my xr 650 street legal? (obviously after installing a lighting kit + DOT tyres + horn and mirrors). What I mean is DMV stuff, any dos or don'ts any specific forms and steps? Are there any threads dealing with this issue? Thanks, Ricardo