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  1. BIG HAL

    Exhaust header guard

    There is a wrap you can get at the nearest Bike shop or Auto Zone. Called header wrap it is used on cars and bikes..
  2. BIG HAL

    Whats wrong with my 450's carb?

    I agree with you Oxygenated Fuel is like N2O more air.. I use non Oxygenated Fuel due to 50 mile races that we do 12.00 per gallon um no.. TT111 is 7.00 per gallon Premium is 3.40 almost half..
  3. BIG HAL

    Yamaha interchangeable Hubs

    All Yamaha hubs are the same now. 94 wont work but 98 up will.. I wouldn't put the forks and all the other components on it cause the new age parts are better than 94, your 426 is a 200-2002 right?
  4. BIG HAL

    2007 YZ450F - Baffled????

    11,500 uh yeah as a matter of fact, had a small block 383 with N2O hit 11,000 rpm dude... as for the Dyno? What? use a 5 gas analyzer.. no the headerss on the race car don't glow red just a slight pink @ idle. Your gonna have some but not like the 450 stock.. The 450 motor is like the minivan and F1 except the F1 runs on methanol. The F1 is not the most powerful engine out there, my Camaro had more HP then an F1! 1200 HP, ran 7.50 in the 1/4 @ 187.00 MPH from a dead stop Dude if I' correct an F1 can only run 220.00 or so on a mile stretch!!! I could gear my car to do the same thing!!
  5. BIG HAL

    08 YZ450 Countershaft seal leaking

    Todd yes an Automobile Mechanic.. Duh. Gray as a life long pro for myself since 81 Drag racing, Assembly, fabrication,welder, Senior Master Ford Tech Honda,Toyota, Mercedes, Jag, Chevy, Cadillac, I've done it all from the Transmission to the engine and then ended up as a Drive ability Tech which takes more thinking and troubleshooting. I started racing X/C in 96 and working as a track support guy for the local Yamaha shop anyway I'm not here to try to compare here with you guys because the majority of y'all are not mechanics but defensive riders and people that can type. I stated earlier in the post about getting the seal out, I never had an issue getting the collar out so thats fine if you need to hit it for encouragement. That being said every time I post here ya'll get your feelins caught up in it, This is A FORUM for helping one another for the do it yourselves people right? Not for trying to act like an elementary kid and attack people here on the forum!!! Having faith in any individual is ok but you know as I do there are not very many good techs out there and I've seen em come and go as you have.. This is the profession with the most uneducated people and you get a bunch of dumb guys trying to accomplish but can't. That goes for the Motorcycle dealers too, there's usually only 1 good tech in each shop out of 6. You cant have faith in everyone Gray 3 out of ten guys on these forums can do the stuff right! yeah 30% not very many. Shoot how many can fix a check engine light on their own car? Yes Todd the cars and bikes engine are all made up of the same components. Amazing huh.. Gray are you filling in for Cannon I don't see him anymore??
  6. BIG HAL

    2007 YZ450F - Baffled????

    Yeah I here ya.. All the bikes come lean from the factory like you said so everyone goes bigger on the pilot and main jet 48-50 pilot and 170 main on the 06 no more popping on decell and no more red glowing pipe 2 1/2 on the zip ty fuel screw and it's good.. Popping is not normal and nor is the red hot glowing in the dark pipe.. I'll guarantee your car doesn't do it!!! The motor on our bikes are like your car except for fuel injection.. Oh and don't run corn blended fuel in it..
  7. BIG HAL

    2001 426 Electrical or Fuel Issue

    YES!!! This will fix it... Yamaha does NOT have issues with CDI stators or coils for that matter.. You will be a happy Man when they're done!! Let us know... Good Luck!!!!
  8. BIG HAL

    Header Wrap Report

    Dont worry about all this stuff.. GEEZ You'll be fine I think the problem here is too many ideas for one solution. Wrap it like you dont want anymore kids!! LOL!!!
  9. BIG HAL

    Whats wrong with my 450's carb?

    yeah an EXPERT! Been using it since 81.. And as for the deposits none!! Opinions are like dog crap nobody likes it.. fact is like Ice Cream, real!!! I dont even get a glowin red pipe @ Idle anymore.. how bout them apples.. I did rejet the thing.. i run TT111. The old Phillips 66 B32
  10. BIG HAL

    Whats wrong with my 450's carb?

    Don't listen to this guy he knows nothing about race fuel.. Don't use U4 anymore. If ya like VP use C12.. Or Track Tek 111!!! U4 evaporates and leaves a film in the jets and seat. Your gonna have to pull it and clean it.. Do not spray carb cleaner on the slide with the small flat o ring on it remove the slide first then proceed to spray the jets and such. As for the race fuel and stock motor. Pump fuel is designed for fuel injected catalytic converter automobiles!!! NOT 12:5:1 compression engines. Pump gas does nothing for the valves as Race Fuel cools the cylinder temp ans doesn't leave carbon deposits on the valves and piston.. It my friend is NOT a waste of money. Pump gas at one time was the same as race fuel today.. I dont run corn blended fuel in my bikes unless it's mixed 50-50 !!!!
  11. BIG HAL

    08 YZ450 Countershaft seal leaking

    Grayracer Your talkin to these people on the forums here like they're a pro ASE tech such as yourself and I too am ASE Cert. But you must keep in mind what you say to most of these newbies here on th TT forums most of these folks cant repair the stuff in the correct manner ya know thus keeps the techs workin.
  12. BIG HAL

    08 YZ450 Countershaft seal leaking

    if you use grease it helps prevent burning the rubber lip of the seal and not to mention slips right in..
  13. BIG HAL

    2007 YZ450F - Baffled????

    Did you get it fixed?
  14. BIG HAL

    Header Wrap Report

    Hose clamps look bad..
  15. BIG HAL

    Braking rotor dilema?

    Well you already spent the money on the wheels and such whats another 100.00? Just get the bracket.