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  1. found very clean 2008 EXC 2008, but many deals on newer models 2009-2010 and the 2011 is a brand new frame. i don't know much about KTM's but at the dual sport rids i have been attending with my XR 650 everybody rides orange! Iam not a racer, but everyone wants the latest and greatest, oftentimes not worth it ??? I ride desert in California, which my xr 650 is super, but for tighter rides up in single track want a smaller bike, Iam 195 lbs, experienced rider. any KTM owners know the difference between these years 2008-2011? Thanks!
  2. Would a DRZ be a good stable mate for my KLR. I plan to ride off road more with the DRZ. What are the "must do" mods, u know bang for buck. thanks
  3. drjrosen

    KLR 650 owner, should I buy a DRZ

    thanks for all replies A friend knows this rich dude who bought a 04 drz,dual sport had the carb jet mod done and has only 200 miles. Already has a new battery and carb cleanded out due to non-use. now he wants to sell if for $3500.00 so is the 04 the year the forks were upgraded? It seams like a good price? does the bike bennfit much from a pipe with only a jet kit. What are the maintance/reliability soft points of the bike as ever bike has some unique to each model. Part of the fun of the DRZ seams a great community, like the KLR which is almost a cult.
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    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    Yes 2005 yamaha yz 250
  5. Hi, new to forum. desert racing and GP racing senior class,(not competitive)Which bike? Does the 450xc have more updated suspension,or other latest tech? I currently ride CR 500 & xr 650 so I like big bikes as easy and lazy to go fast, but other riders have advised me to go xc450 vs xc525 as plenty powerful but much better handling agility? and better suspension. My dealar is selling the xc 525 $300 less than xc450, as the 06 525 is not so popular this year, so I am tempted to maybe buy the wrong bike?
  6. drjrosen

    06 450xc vs 06 525 xc which to buy?

    You guys are great! So much real world information,I love this Forum! Yes the xc 450 is my pick based on the posts! Any opions on OTD price people have paid? What suspension modifications. Sorry 525 purists but the 450 sounds less tiring for 2hours of racing when encountering both slow and fast terrain.
  7. drjrosen

    06 450xc vs 06 525 xc which to buy?

    That was the type of opinion I was searching for as it appears the short stroke motor of the 450xc will "race" better than the 525 in varing slow to medium-fast terrain. If i were rich, sounds like the 450 would be best for technical desert races and the 525 for the super fast ones. Thanx again for all your input. Too bad the dealar is discounting the 525 more than the 450!
  8. drjrosen

    06 450xc vs 06 525 xc which to buy?

    Thanx guys for all the feedback. Wow, both camps are enthuastic about each model. Any opinions which would be better for tight tecnical sections in desert races? Any opinion that the 450xc has lower 1st & 2nd gears than 525? For faster sections sounds like the torque of the 525 is the winner, but I am wondering if the high speed advantage( gearing-torque, not just pure top speed) is overshadowed by any hugh lower speed nimbleness of xc 450 in real racing conditions? I am planning to probably buy soon and I wont be able to test ride them both, so if anyone has ridden both bikes please share your views.