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    Can you fit a drz/klx 110 in a car?

    Brought mine home in the back of a 95 honda odyssy (the small car based ones) still a minivan with a hatch. How far does the trunk open you might be able to prop it up in there.
  2. VT needs dot lights/tires. left hand mirror horn capable of continous sound ie electric. high and low beam, rear brake light switch. My bike is mostly legal. where I ride I probably wouldn't be bothered without reg. but having grown up i nthe suburbs I'm paranoid about that stuff and would rather a ticket for no inspection/faulty equipment than a ticket for no reg. no insurance...
  3. No major difference, montpelier is the capitol and some of the dmv's in the state are um 'rinkydink'
  4. Just got a plate for my drz 110 here in VT. No problems no hassle. VT Doesn't title street bikes under 300cc so I just brought in the receipt/bill of sale and didn't show them the certificate of origin with the 'highway use only' disclaimer. This was at Montpelier dmv, so it has to be legit... GB
  5. Hi all. I just picked up a drz 110 and I would like to make it partially street legal, just to be sort of legal for short hops on the road. Titling/reg. is easy here in VT (so I've heard) I would like info/links on light kits and such. Thanks GB