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  1. Hooska

    06 TE250 Exhaust Mod For Wicked Low End

    I have a 04 TC450. I love the power delivery with the titanium exhaust, however, I am a single track freak and should be using the SA can. I have not used it yet since I have been told the SA can will hamper performance and jetting. Your mod sounds like a way to fix the SA can so it performs closer to the titanium can. How can I tell if my SA can has baffles in it or the two cores? I would like to use the SA can, however, I do not want to stiffle the power and screw up the jetting. Will this mod address these issues?
  2. Hooska

    Valves on 04 te250 (good News)

    Ricky T, Wow! That is such great news! How many hours did you get on the intake valve that went tight? Did you need to recut the valve seat? Thanks for the input!
  3. Hooska

    Valves on 04 te250 (good News)

    Hi Ride, Thanks for the reply. Since my motor only had 24 hours on it I have been told that I really only need to replace the valve. I had 12 hours on the motor when I checked my valves the first time. My right intake needed to be shimmed from 2.4 to 2.35. The other valves were in spec. I then headed to Moab. The motor started right up and ran fine for three days (4hrs a day on the motor) and on the fourth would not start so I parked it. When I got home I had to shim down from a 2.35 to a 2.1 to get the proper clearance. The bike immediately started. I shut her down and ordered the new Del West valves. I have read countless posts about the need to replace springs, valve guides, valve seals, cut the seats etc. Are you telling me that you got 3500 miles out of your stock exhaust valves with out replacing the stock spring guide, seal etc.? How many hours should go by before we should replace guides, seals, springs etc? I also read that if you replace the valves you should recut the seats. The seats are much stronger than the titanium valves so why would seat cutting be necessary. If you are getting a couple thousand out of your valves maybe seat cutting is necessary, however, with 24 hours on my bike it would seem unlikely. Thanks again for the responses.
  4. Hooska

    Valves on 04 te250 (good News)

    Hi Rick, You mentioned replacing the intake valves. Does this mean the original stock exhaust valves went 3500 miles? One of my intake valves got tight on my 2004 TC450 after 500 miles so I just purchased all four del west valves (intake and exhaust). My exhaust valves and my left intake valve have not changed form day one. Maybe I should only change both intake valves? Any comments on the stock exhaust valves? Thanks