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  1. CCF

    oversized handlebar clamp

    We use these on my wifes bike. http://www.brpmoto.com/product_info.php?cPath=78_89_1452&products_id=944
  2. This is exactly what I've seen as well.
  3. CCF

    CRF450X or XR650R???

    The 450X is quickly becoming the bike for Baja. A 450X won this years Baja 500. It will be interesting to see what bike is victorious at the Baja 1000 coming up in a few weeks??
  4. CCF

    14/48 gearing 450X?

    I run 14/48 gearing on my 450X and it works great! I ride mostly desert with some fire roads and single track trails. Top speed is upwards of 90 mph too!
  5. CCF

    Replacement LED brake light?

    I have the DRC taillight/brake light that goes in the stock location. It fits perfectly and works great!
  6. CCF

    450X and a hi/lo Headlight

    Yes the stock headlight is a dual filament bulb. All X's come from the factory using the both filaments combined at all times(the brights). You would be able to rewire the stock headlight to a dual sport type harness that has the high/low beam controller and you'd be able to use both low and high beams. I did this on my bike and found out that the low beam is really low. I now only use it set on high beam, the stock configuration. 35w low beam is not really bright enough for dual sport use, meaning for use on the street.
  7. CCF

    arizona 450x green sticker issues in cal?

    You will not have any problems as long as you can show proof of residence in AZ is you get stopped in CA. AZ drivers license will keep you outta trouble. A CA driver license and a AZ bike registered to your name could get you in a bit of trouble. Cali doesn't like you riding in their state if you are not paying taxes through their DMV registration annual fees. This is normally not an issue on green/red sticker only bikes since it's somewhat rare to get stopped offroad as compared to a plated bike.
  8. CCF

    Changes From 2005 to 2006

    Tranny gears are suppose to be beefier and wider.