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    beer, bikes and broads... LOL j/k. I like those but I have more 'meaningful' hobbies too...
  1. ThrottledU

    RC vs. Bubba Vid.

    spoken like a true RC sackrider
  2. ThrottledU

    Should I go WRF or KXF?

    Sweet man...that there is good information to know about. I'm gonna pursue the WR for sure.... I was leaning that way anyway. BTW, I'm in the Branson area... so I know full well about chadwick. I used to ride my KX there all the time. Thats awesome. I'm stoked now and can't wait to get my bike. It will probably be in the spring when I get it. Hopefully.
  3. ThrottledU

    Should I go WRF or KXF?

    Hey guys, I'm a first time poster here... been thinking I was going to get the KXF450 for a while because I am a kawi lover since I had my 93 KX250... but I previously was a yamaha guy having both yz80 and 125s...so now I'm leaning toward the wr for the most part. My question is knowing that I love the power/hit of a 250 mx bike, but not being able to go to any tracks (on a regular basis anyway) once i get my next bike...is the wr the best choice for me? If so, what year model is the best? I was thinking like an 05 or something.. dunno yet, but I also thought I wanted to plate it so I could at least ride it to work if I wanted to. Also, if I do plate the wr....do they have a key or something so someone can't just ride it away? Looking for some input from the WR guys. ALSO, last thought, is the 426 a lot less powerful than the 450 models? What is the steering rake? Are those dimensions or any of that information different from the YZ to the WR? Thanks! Eric