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  1. It wont start when u pull in the clutch bcuz the kickstarter is geared through the clutch to the crank so when you pull in the clutch it disingages the kickstart also or somethin like that and theres no way around that, mines the same way. No starting in gear unless u bump start it.
  2. i lubed my cable
  3. Whos racin the amature days???
  4. anyone going to rvmx??
  5. havent seen one of those in a while
  6. havent een one of those in a while
  7. anyone know where to ride near mt shasta?
  8. bbr might have stock motors
  9. hardpack, roost, rocks, rain, bike falling over in the pits, trying to sleep at the washougal national(noisy people), generaters the night b4 the race, getting taken out, getting stuffed, hooking the gate, hospitals, hangtown national bcus of hardpan and trying to breathe in the 90 degree dust air in the second moto, "no pit riding, walk your bike" thanks to the that go fast in the pits, cleanup after the races, starting gates that stick, badly groomed tracks, practicing the day before then getting rained out or cancelled after driving a long ways... .............
  10. The 12" rims will handle better on breaking bumps and other bumps bcuz they go over them easier...but at some races you might not be able to run the 12" wheels, im not sure.
  11. where did you get the d-section for the ttr125
  12. I just did the fork swap and i got a BBR swingarm to balance it out. The only problem is the BBR swungarm is VERY $$$$$$$. I used the stock fork clamps and raised the forks 1" above the clamp. The BBR swingarm is EXCELLENT but PRICY!!! BBR: XR50:CHEAPER
  13. yz85s are #1
  14. What exhaust is best for ttr125???