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  1. jcmc4321

    CDI troubleshooting

    Does anyone have a schematic for a 2002 DRZ250 ignition system. I am fixing this bike for a friend and have checked everything except the CDI. The stator checks fine as well as all the wiring and switches but the new CDI is expensive and I wouldnt mind at least making sure I am not spending my friends money without making sure. I appreciate any schematic or input. Thanks Jim
  2. jcmc4321

    Anybody California Dual Sport an X?

    Its called dual registration. You just register it off road and street. You have to pay both fees, but at least you dont have to keep the plate on. I do that on both my 250x and my ktm 520. When you dual sport just put the plate and rear lights back on. You need to have a dealer or CHP sign off that your bike complies with the required equipment and have them sign the form. You then go to DMV and show then that and pay the money. Baja Designs has a kit for under 500.00 and I dont think the dmv fees are over 150.00, mayby under 200.00 if you dual register. The only posible hang up is if the dealer or the CHP reads the fine print about the EPA sticker (which the X has) is off road EPA or highway use EPA (yes there is a difference). Most dont care and sign the form. It doesnt hurt to try. And yes my 06 is dual registered. Good luck
  3. jcmc4321

    CRF250X vs KTM200EXC??

    I just got an 06 model and rode it for 20 miles and was disssapointed with the stock california jetting (verrry lean). So I jetted it, and opened the air box (WOW what a difference!). I rode 130 miles of enduro type of riding the first weekend after the jetting and was hardly sore. The bike is incredible. I have been riding a KTM 520 that I set up for woods and have been itching to get a lighter bike for the single track. I rode it at Hollister and did a bunch of steep hills in 3rd gear pinned (stock gearing). It revs to the moon and doesnt just make noise it gives power as the revs climb. Here is the kicker..I'm 235 lbs with gear! I thought I would just use this for single track but am finding it is a great all around bike plenty of power. It doesnt have the compression braking like the 520, and hits softer (no duh..half the size) so it is kind of like a 2-stroke in that it coasts a little after chopping the throttle. I like that because I was finding myself slipping the clutch when decelerating, and accelerating in single track to keep the 520 from being jerky. Now I just fan the clutch on the Honda occasionaly just to get it going quicker out of corners. My arms arnt pumping up as much because of that (hence 130 miles). I cant wait to try the Honda up in the Sierras, I think it will be perfect.
  4. jcmc4321

    Showa shock oil level..oops

    I depressurized the shock and removed the rebound end(fork) and everything looked OK except there was a very small piece of what could be a piece of an o-ring for the actuator shaft. I am not sure if there is supposed to be oil in the fork that has the adjusting screw for the rebound but there was. It appears that this is the oil I lost. I was going to use a syringe and inject the 2 1/2 weight oil back in just the end, service the nitrogen to 145 PSI, then throw it back on the bike. I appreciate any input on this one, as this is a new bike and I dont want to put crap back on.
  5. Yes I'm stupid. I was putting a new spring on my shock and for some stupid reason I decided I would take the fork off with the dampening adjuster instead of the proper method (yes the nitrogen was not released). I lost about a cap full (a soda cap) of oil before I realized what a rocket scientist move I made. I am wondering if I need to de-service the nitrogen and top off the oil. Also, could I have hurt the rebound adjuster by unscrewing the fork end off with pressure on it. Obviously I would like to just top off the nitrogen and go, but if something could be screwed up, I definately need to fix it. Oh did I mention I'm stupid?