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  1. RogWill

    TTR 125

    Thanks YZETc, I will ck. out the YZ-85 lever, also l'am looking at the BBR lever, The stock TTR shift lever is not working out with my boots on.
  2. RogWill

    TTR 125

    What after market shift lever is best for my 2011 TTR 125, The stock one is not a good deal. Thanks Will
  3. RogWill

    Can't be true!

    Smith, you bring up a good point about build-up on the valves. The last time I did a valve check they were on the loose side, meaning the clearance was greater, but they were still in specification. At the time I thought I was getting some normal valve train wear, but now I'm thinking it could be a coating on the face of the valves from using CD2. I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing, it may even be a way to keep the valves in check. I wonder what the chemical is in CD2?? I bet it's not lead. I got the bike used, it had less than 10 hours on it, and it still has less than 60.
  4. RogWill

    Can't be true!

    My 04 250X run GREAT, i add 1/2 oz of CD2 lead substitute to 5 gal. of NonOxygenated fuel (ethhanol free) same stuff street rod guys use, my valves have not moved still in spec.