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    XR200 Chassis and Suspension

  2. trialsguy315

    Clarke 3.1 on 03 yz125

    Been using Clarke for 10 years on multiple bikes. Like them a lot. They do not smell up the garage/van the way an IMS does. Never any mounting issues. The '03 will bolt right up - I have the 3.1 YZ tank and installed it on my '06 two weeks ago. The '05 -'07 take some mods to fit the tank due to the alu frame, but nothing other than trimming the rubber cushions on the frame. Color - went with blue to keep the factory Yammie look, seriously considered the neutral so I could see fuel level... guess what - you can see the fuel level in their blue tank! I'll post a pic later. Gotta get some work done. Buy Clarke products with confidence.
  3. trialsguy315

    yz125 jetting for big bore

    PM inbound Steve.
  4. trialsguy315

    yz125 jetting for big bore

    KH, I'm having Deja Vu all over again Did Neduro (Ned S) come and ride with you a few weeks ago? If yes, that 125 of his WAS my '05. I'm 172 Nekked, a former top 3 Open B enduro racer, Intermediate trials rider. I am more of a finesse rider than a WFO blaster from the trials experience, so I like the bike to be a bit more active. Davey has also done current YZ125 suspension for Ian Blythe, the current hot shot enduro boy wonder in CO, so between what he knows about Ian's suspenders, mine, and your preferences, my guess is he'll get you dialed right in. Let's plan to hook up and ride. You can take my bike for a spin. Where exactly are you? I'm supposed to be in the St Elmo area camoing and doing a ride with Kelly Wright and friends on the 25th and 26th of this month. I have commitments in the AM of the 25th but will head up later in the day and stay over night. I'm sure one more good rider and good guy like yourself would be welcome
  5. trialsguy315

    '02 Yz85

    on the minis, I'm shopping for one too. After my '05 YZ125 experience, the mini I get will be brand new or damned close to it. A lack of maintenance can really cost you $$ on a used bike along with normal wear and tear. My '05 was owned by a 16 YO. Neither he nor his dad knew beans about maintenance, however they were both convinced they did. Nothing like buying a bike that has a $45 billet gas cap and $70 custom number plate graphics yet have the original air cleaner in it ripped in 3 places with dirt on the clean side of the airbox, on the slide, and in the float bowl upon further inspection. And that was just the START Never again!
  6. trialsguy315

    100 lb rider too big for YZ85??

    A 45 YO 180 lb friend MX races an RM85L, the big wheel. He goes out and races the mini class against the kids. He moved the pegs and put on taller bars. Your 100 pound 14 YO will be fine. If she is taller and offroad riding is involved, the big wheels go over terrain a bunch better.
  7. trialsguy315

    yz125 jetting for big bore

    KH, I did an oh 2 hour maiden ride on the 717/Divide system thursday (live in Colo Spgs) then 35 miles on the Rainbow Trail sunday with some friends. We often hit the 4 Mile/Trout Creek area as well as Taylor Park. Understand that I bought an '05 YZ125 with some time on it as a "proof of concept" that the YZ125 motor and chassis could work in the woods. The bike had more time on it and problems than I wanted if sinking another grand plus in it on motor and suspension so I sold it to a friend down the street I ride with. So, I got a good idea what your 125 is like and can back-back the two bikes. Eric is a sly fox kind of master of two strokes. We went back and forth a bit on how to port the thing. He finally told me to just ride what he sent and he's re-do it if I did not like it. I love it. It is almost impossible to kill the motor. Most steep rocky loose climbs are done clutch out. It just pulls right off the bottom. Hard to believe for a "125". He is going to experiment with piston mods this winter so I may go for a lighter piston that allows it to rev a bit quicker. Right now it puts the power down like a 4 stroke. It does not spin the tire unless you clutch and rev it. I know, hard to believe. You'd have to ride it to believe how it runs. Davey Durelle did the suspension. I set the static sag at 3/4", threw a leg over and rode it. Absolutely PERFECT suspension - the best I've ever ridden for my size, skill, and style. The bike, motor and chassis, works unbelievably well. That REM song "I am Superman" plays in my head the whole time I'm riding it. I've had a ton of bikes - KTM 300, KTM 400, KDX, XR280, XR600, CRE260, and ride trials. Current other steed is a 250X. This bike flat works great. Later, Leo.
  8. trialsguy315

    yz125 jetting for big bore

    Do a search on 144 on this web forum. Lots of info out there. Bottom line is you need to jet about 10% richer on the pilot and the main from where it ran well as a 125. Depending on how it is ported you'll also need to play with the needle profile. I maidened my Eric Gorr '06 YZ144 last thursday and put another 35 miles of single track riding on it yesterday. All I can say is WOW. Mine has the head cut for higher compression but still runs on pump gas as I'm at altitude (6k feet and up) and has a "more everywhere" port job. I'm a tad lean of stock on the main and stock on the pilot, supporting the +10% theory. I modded the needle as Eric told me to do with 600 grit sand paper (took the step out a bit right before the skinny part of the needed) and got rid of a lean spot at 2/3rds throttle. If you are around sea level, try a 450 main and 45 pilot. Order a 440 and 42.5 if you have to order the 450/45 so you have somewhere to go with jets in hand.
  9. trialsguy315

    my valve clearences

    simple - do the math. .011 + .001 = .012; .011 - .001 = .010.
  10. trialsguy315

    250X spark woes - help please

    Hello - I did a search on the entire site for "CRF Ignition" and found just a few references to ignition module failures, all on 450s. Are any of you aware of ignition problems with 250X's? I have an '04 with under 400 miles on it. It was a leftover and put in service 9/5/05. The symptoms are rough running, backfiring, misfiring, only running at about 5,000 RPM not above not below, then failure to start. It happened 8 miles into a ride when we were riding slow and riding some steps, then 16.3 miles into a ride when we started doing a grass track. After sitting 4 days it started after the first failure; the second failure occured just Saturday and it is sitting again. Stock flywheel BTW. Dealer has it now for the second time. I really want Honda to pay for it, even though the bike has no warranty per se. You follow the break-in, do all the maintenance, ride it reasonably, and it fails within a few months of being put in service - I say Honda should take care of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!