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  1. greekguy

    02-07 wheels interchangeable?

    thx alot
  2. i have a supermoto crf450r and i was interested in some dirt whells, can you tell me what years will fit my 2003 crf 450r for sure plz cause im gonna buy internationally and if they dont fit...
  3. greekguy

    interchangeability of cylinder on 2003 model

    i dont want to be tiresome but just to be sure: i can fit the 2004-2008 piston-cylinder with no modification + risk? +in what i was wrong about?
  4. hello everybody, i need ur help my 2003 crf450r propably needs a new cylinder+piston from what i understand the 2004-2008 is the same pc:12100-MEN-671 am i gonna have any problem putting this cylinder on my bike? is it gonna change-affect it some how? plz be as detailed and informative as u can! also does the 2004 piston fit the 2003 cylinder? thx for your time in advance
  5. with the megabomb+q4 without spark arrestor+k n high glow filter+jet kit you think that my crf will loose peak hp or in other words, less top end?
  6. thx for ur reply dh367 the only things altered in the kit is the needle- groove spot , main jet and fuel mixture screw what of all these you think it should be changed? and when you say leaner you mean even leaner than stock? do you have any personal experience with the q4 -megabomb setup or the q4 alone or its ur personal view? you think it would be worth the xtra cash for the dyno tune?
  7. i just received my package from the us: the only things i can report for now is the weights of the exhaust parts: megabomb 490grams midpipe 400grams q4ti silencer 1910grams the jet kit has a guide for carb adjustment specific for my crf450r 2003 you think i should follow this or go to an expensive mechanic with dyno in shop, fit exhuast filter jet kit an then dyno tune it? (much more expensive) im near sea lvl and the jet kit guide has specific info for me what do you think?
  8. i can get i 04crank for my 2003crf450r to keep as reserve will it fit??? btw, if u have seen some previous post of mine i ordered a megabomb+q4 titanium+k&n free filter+fmf jet kit from us im waitting for em and as soon as i bolt em i will post my personal thoughts
  9. so i bought my 2003 crf that has done many hours and a had a recent rebuilt. i got the receipt of all the stuff that was changed in the engine:thumbsup: just before i got it, one titanium valve had no clearance left and had to be replaced +Seat machined i love mybike and i wanna get ready for the valve thing before it happens (if 1 of em came to end the other 1 is getting ready, right? ) i plan on getting an stock crf 2006 head from thumpertalk store (245$) and putting stuff inside (i heard that the 2006 head is the best head -seat material wise) 1.is it true that 2006 head fits 2003 crf450r? +is it true about the most reliable head fitting the 2003crf450r? (my bike) 2.what "intestents"will i need to fill up this head? (valves springs guides etc etc) CONSIDERING I DONT WANT MORE POWER- I JUST DONT WANNA LOOSE OVER THE STOCK(IF I CAN) I CARE MAXIMUM ON RELIABILITY! 3.piston? stock-r smth else? i dont want more pow again, its enough for me, i just want reliability......... 4.and finally with oil+filter change every 6tanks +valve timing every 12tanks after howmany hours u think i should be lookingto doing this again? in any suggestion u have about head "intestents" plz state what will i win and what will i loose? with stainless of x manufacturer etc or titanium of x manufacturer thnx for ur time in advance! please take time to reply
  10. greekguy

    FMF megabomb+q4 titanium for a crf450r 2003

    tell me more- tell me more just kidding check back for "madmax" supermoto pics in an hour or 2
  11. greekguy

    FMF megabomb+q4 titanium for a crf450r 2003

    man when you say a k&n you mean the mushroom shaped one? -does it replace tho stock filter"holdings" +mesh?
  12. greekguy

    FMF megabomb+q4 titanium for a crf450r 2003

    nobody had the time-willingness-knowledge to help? i thought it was the biggest forum with the most members n im gettng very diassapointed ((( if u dont know all5 of my q's answer whichever u know...
  13. hello everybody from greece, i just got my 1st crf450r supermotoed that i will be driving in public roads needles to say i want to reduce the sound lvls+add some power i was thinkinh about the megabomb+q4 ti so my questions are: 1:since there is no megabomb for 2003 models i must use the 2004 fmf model +the 2004 ti q4 i read in the crf450r faq that i can use a full 2004 system on my 2003 as long as it is full, can smbd verify this ??? 2:my mechanic told me that i will be getting some more power to all power range, smth like 2 or 3 hp if i fit those2-compared to my stock setup, can u tell me ur opinions about that? 3:you think that if i put these exhast system it would be wise to buy the fmf jet kit for my bike? its supposed to be developed with dynojet+fmf 4:what filter - filter kit (some powerflow kit or smth) do you think that i should use for my bike concerning only reliability+extra power-throttle response !regardless! the cost 5:u think that these few changes will prove beneficial factors on my reliability - negative or neutral??? excuse my english as i am greek+my ingorance as this is my 1st crf, if u can+want answer all 5q. the more ppl the more assured i will be of spending the lots of $$$ required for them
  14. greekguy

    looking for a 570 engine

    im looking for a 570 engine te-tc-smr... or maybe even parts if no engine :head-cylinder-rod-crank plz email at rs250000@hotmail.com cause i dont log in here as often