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  1. icedfusion

    My PIG Conversion

    I have no idea how much it weighs (although it feels quite light). However, it is slightly smaller than the standard red tank - but I didn't buy it for its weight or range, i bought it for its bling!! ice.
  2. icedfusion

    Danish XRR upgrade thread..

    Just a suggestion, but you might want to hold onto the old stator. I found that when I replaced it with an uprated one such as you have done the pulsar went on it which stopped it from starting. Can never have too many spares if you have the space to store it all!!!! Looking forward to how you modify it. Reckon it will look like mine: On a pedantic note, why did you buy it in sweden with danish kroner? Or did you go over to holland to buy the bike? ice.
  3. icedfusion

    My PIG Conversion

    Sounds like your really going for it with your conversion! The money aspect of it for me became too much and I could no longer justify spending more money on stuff (i could if i wanted to, but it was getting silly - even getting good prices for stuff). Post some pics up if you have any. On another note, I forgot to mention that my bike is based on the xr650r that I saw on a site called macmoto.co.uk. Unforutnately, the guy went out of business whilst i was in the process of doing my conversion (I spent quite some time doing this conversion - a side project) so I lost the images he had on his site. Ahh well, it looks all bling now!! Cheers ice.
  4. icedfusion

    My PIG Conversion

    I have pretty much completed the XR650R conversion. I spent far too much money on it and it is something that I will never ever do again. I will just buy what someone else has done, far cheaper. Whats been done 1. Frame powder coated black, bearings renewed. 2. Swingarm polished, bearings renewed 3. Supermoto wheels bought second hand, originally gold but sent away to be respoked, reanodised and bearings renewed 4. New set of black plastics 5. Aluminum Tank 6. Uprated stator 7. Legal Lighting 8. Full Titanium Akropovic exhaust system 9. Radiators sprayed black 10. Stainless steel radiator guards added 11. Uncorked 12. Edelbrock carb added. 13. Polished Yolks I have not done any engine work to the bike at all. So, as some of you may be aware - I was in the process of turning my dog of an off-roader into an awesome supermoto. I should have really taken pictures before the beautifying process, but alas I did not - I will however try and take some pics as I go along, on the road to rebuild. Here we have my re-anodised wheels - these were originally gold - but as every man knows, gold is for girls - so I am going black and silver baby - black and silver!!! I have also had my yolks polished - not sure how well this picture shows it, but they have been mirror polished... On purchasing the wheels for this bike - the blokey also gave me a pair of front forks which have been resprung with some ohlins springs in them - so I have stuck those in the yolks as well. I also put new bearings into my newly powder coated frame for the yolks - that was a frikken pain in the arse and I may have inadvertently fooked the bearings in the process - but only when get it on the road will i be able to tell..... So here we have the frame/yolks/forks!! I forgot that I need to put on the pegs and stand before I can remount the engine and swingarm - so once I have made that purchase I will update this thread!! ice. [Part 2] So, this weekend, as it was glorious I thought I would stay in my garage, sweat my nuts off and start putting the bike together. As you may have heard, i fekked one of the footpeg bolts and i was advised that I needed to have 'spark erosion' to remove it. However, some kind guy (Steve) in Andover drilled it out for me and sorted out a new thread and helicoil!! So, after getting that all done Friday - I now have what looks like the beginning of an awesome supermoto: Here we have the custom made aluminum tank imported all the way from Italy, made by: http://www.blitalia.com/ It came with red 04 450CRF shrouds (I forgot to ask for black) - so I had to buy those as extra. A little bit of cutting was required to get them to fit sort of flush to the tank, its not perfect but its as good as its gonna get. Here we have the radiator protectors - all the way from the good ol' USA (an ebay purchase) - I bought alot of stuff when we had a really good exchange rate so was effectively getting it for half price. The radiators have been sprayed with a black radiator paint. initially I wanted to have them sonic cleaned and polished but was advised against that due to how then the metal on these radiators is. The whole plastics have been changed from red to black, this shot also shows the full titanium akropovic exhaust system, plus the rear swing arm was fully polished. Frame Guards were imported from Australia. The rear shock was replaced with a brand new hagon unit as the old one was completely knackered from the off-road use abuse it sufferred (failed an MOT cos the rear shock was weeping). I also had to change all the bearings on the swingarm - i fekkin hate changing bearings. Another shot of the fuel tank (the best bit of the bike IMO - its a great looking tank, especially with the CRF shrouds, gives the bike a more aggressive look. The lights, I spent ages deciding what lights I should be getting, I finally went for the Acerbis road legal cyclops lights. I initially didn't like them, but after a while it grows on you. And here we have a full on side shot: There are a few things left to do, but as it stands this bike can now be taken out on the road. ice.
  5. How do you check this coil? I tried measuring across the two wires but was not getting anything sensible - I guess I was expecting some sort of peak voltage of 12v (roughly) in A/C form. Ahh well, cheers for the input - will know what it is if it happens again. ice.
  6. icedfusion

    2007 Xr 650r

    These bikes can be easy starters. However, WHEN you bin it off-road, the carb floods and its a biatch to start. You will get everyone telling you how to start the bike when hot/cold/flooded. I bought a KTM 525EXC and for off-road it is, IMO, miles better and the electric start made it all worth while. I have no converted my XR650R for the road and its now an awesome supermoto, which for me is a much better use of this bike - when i get the electrics sorted that is!!! However, the US and the UK have completely different riding conditions and the XR650R may be very much more suited to the type of stuff you ride. ice. ice.
  7. I will add this to the top of the post as well as here: SOLUTION: ======== After spending hours with my scope/meter and changing the new stator with the old and back again and really not getting anywhere as to why I was not getting a spark at the plug I decided to swop over the pulsars (this required de-soldering and resoldering). Well, what do you know it worked. I guess my question is this: Why would the pulsar 'break' I thought it was only a magnetic coil that created a current when another magnet passed through its field? Any answers greatly appreciated. Cheers ice.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. The things I will do (tomorrow now as I am on GMT time). 1. Check power from white wires (I assume these are 12v A/C when measured against the 'green' wire). 2. From the electrosport diagram, it does say that the red/black and the brown go to the cdi - I thought that was for the spark, maybe its the pulsar then, however still having this connected doesn't produce a spark (will measure voltage coming from these wires, again against the 'green' wire) 3. I will check the winding resistances to the site. Why is the voltage regulator not connected? This seems odd to me, the idea with this stator is that it directly replaces the stock but I just have two 100w wires in addtion (which would need rectifying if i wanted) I did initially only change one thing at a time, thats why I don't understand why the stator would stop working as it has no moving parts. I initially suspected the cdi unit or regulator, but using the stock stator works so it can't be those. Will report back with results and maybe some pics as well. Cheers ice.
  9. SOLUTION: ======== After spending hours with my scope/meter and changing the new stator with the old and back again and really not getting anywhere as to why I was not getting a spark at the plug I decided to swop over the pulsars (this required de-soldering and resoldering). Well, what do you know it worked. I guess my question is this: Why would the pulsar 'break' I thought it was only a magnetic coil that created a current when another magnet passed through its field? Any answers greatly appreciated. ========================================================= Hi, I have search the forums but cannot find what I need. I have also been to the electrosport website but still not what I need. I am hoping that someone here can offer some assistance? The scenario: I recently purchased the ESG440 Stator for my XR650R (I believe it is the North American version and only has the AC circuit with no switch gear at all.) I followed all the instructions and connected the following: Stator - bike brown - brown red/black - red/black pink - white/yellow green - green pulsar (std connector) Initially the bike was very hard to start but eventually did fire (i attributed this to my new carb). Then, it just would not start - checked the spark plug and no spark whatsoever. I then re-installed the original stator and I got a spark after connecting all the wires above (I thought I only needed the 2 wires to the cdi connected, but turns out i need pretty much all the wires connected - except for the two 100w white wires). This was to prove I hadn't knackered the CDI My questions are these: 1. How can i check the stator connections? 2. Do i need a rectifier? I thought I didn't as I have no DC and don't need it just yet. Any help greatly appreciated - willing to try anything - will even take photo's if it helps. Cheers ice.
  10. icedfusion

    XR650R Edelbrock Carbs on Ebay

    Well, I got my carb after about 5 weeks. I expect they did not have it in stock. Also, as I paid up front I was not given the reduced shipping charge for both items so I was stung for an extra 30 dollars. Since the pound is so strong at the moment I am not worried about 15 pounds as the carb itself is almost twice the price here, but still....robbing b'stards.....can't recommend them. ice.
  11. Nice looking machine my man!!! I am still waiting on my tank from blitalia and some gubbings from xrsonly - one I have those I can start putting the old girl back together. I did have one problem with my rebuild though and that was when i flushed the frame after getting it back from the powder coaters (need to get rid of the shot blast) - i obviously did not get all the water out and it took about 5 flushes to get the water out....i even had to run the engine dry (for a few secs) to pump out any crap that was still in the engine. All sorted now and she is good to go. black, silver and red........(the blue bars will be changed for red I have decided as its much easier to get red anodized parts for the old girl). ice.
  12. icedfusion

    XR650R Polished Frame?

    To be honest, I was going to polish my frame - but I had it powder coated instead. I did have the swingarm and yolks polished - and I have to say - I have not even been out on it yet and already it needs buffing up - so glad I didn't get the frame done as I would be spendning my days polishing the thing rather then riding it (when its finished). ice.
  13. Well, checked out the tyres (tires for my US cousins!) and they are on the correct way round. Bit odd, as when you think about the tread on the tyre you would expect it to be moving towards the centre in the direction of travel to disperse the water away, not disperse it towards the centre of the tyre. How odd !? ice.
  14. icedfusion

    XR650r Frame Guards

    Well, I have tried many places, including the Thumpertalk shop. I, hopefully now have some being sent over from Australia as mentioned by mudwiz - cheers dude. Site found: http://www.bbaluminium.com/index.htm ice. [edit] Just ordered these frame guards - b&b aluminium are the manufacturers of the guards and demonmx.co.uk are the UK importers. Cheers for all those who helped track these beauty's down!!
  15. Thats a nice looking bike. I have ordered a tank from blitalia, and their tanks are designed to take the CRF shrouds. I have ordered a load of parts from xrsonly - just have to wait the weeks for them to arrive here in the united kingdom. Cheers ice.