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  1. Yes, I just remembered I needed a new shift fork at the same time as it was chewed up. I put new piston rings and main bearings and crank seals in too while it was apart.
  2. OEM for me. Have used Venhill in the past, but always had small fitment issues with them whereas oem always fit and work perfect. Nice cables make a massive difference to how your bike feels - worth every penny.
  3. Yes you will need new gears. My 09 250 did the same thing. I also tried a new clutch first but it didn't help. Pull the gear clusters out. On mine it was the side dogs on second gear, not the actual gear teeth, that were worn. As it engages with (I think) 5th gear, I also had to replace that. And all of the gearbox bearings just to be safe, as it had been running with small metal chips in the gear oil and some of them felt rough. Mine was fine after this. Good luck!
  4. Are you fixed up yet? I have a PDF of the parts manual, but still need the owners manual for gear oil type, clutch adjustment etc. Anyone got one of these? If anyone wants a copy of the parts book PM me.
  5. Hey Nathan - I know where Armthorpe is - I live about an hour from there. Its good and bad for me - awesome practice track most weather conditions, but crashed there a few years back and broke my tib / fib in 7 places - took me 5 months to get walking again. The huge table top I did it on - on the supercross track, has gone now. Have riden there a couple of times since - just bought a new YZF450! Cheers, Egg.