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  1. cantcacheme

    rear wheel vibration on the road

    Sorry it took so long to post this, but been too busy to ride (sad ) I went to a shop and got the biggest spoke wheel weight I could find and clamped it opposite the rim lock. Made a HUGE difference. Still need to get it professionally balanced, but I am on the right track. Guess I understimated what the weight of the rim lock spinning could do to the balance...thanks guys!
  2. cantcacheme

    Plastic tanks and the Law

    I always thought the answer was that the plastic OR metal tank had to be tested by the mfr and certified for road use. If the mfr bothered to install and test a plastic tank to begin with (new Huskys, et al) then no problem. Technically then the aftermarket plastic Clarke on my ol' DRZ would be illegal. I never tested this theory, as I just slap the old metal tank back on for inspection. I think the odds of a po-po calling me on it are slim, unless I'm already caught doing something stupid. Just my 2 cents, though....
  3. cantcacheme

    fuel range on the DRZ

    you asked about stock tank.. but with a Clarke 4 gal, 15/47 190 miles on street at hwy speeds before reserve.
  4. cantcacheme

    who rides on the street

    RTW every day it doesn't rain and it is above 45 degrees. 80 miles each way. $8 a day vs. $30 in the truck. Yeah, it aint great after an hour in the saddle, but its worth it...
  5. cantcacheme

    rear wheel vibration on the road

    Come to think of it, when I took my wheel to have my street tires mounted, I had a wheel weight already on it, opposite the rim lock. I paid the shop to balance the wheel, but it came back without any weights, they removed the old one I had. I didn't give it a bunch of thought at the time. Bet thats it. since this is the first time I've plated the old bike and done a bunch of road work with it, I assumed it just wasn't that smooth. Thanks guys, I'll post if this fix works..
  6. cantcacheme

    rear wheel vibration on the road

    This may be a dumb question, but here goes: Now that the shadows are getting longer, I often can watch my own shadow as I zip down the highway. I have noticed my rear wheel is bouncing up and down continually, even on smooth as glass pavement. I swear I can see the swingarm going up and down an inch or so. It looks like a constant hammering. In contrast, the front fork (and wheel of course) look to be smooth as can be. Now that I can see this, I am starting to notice the vibration, as well. Do you all think I might have a bent rim, or maybe just poorly balanced? Would having the shock rebound set wrong for pavement use cause this?
  7. cantcacheme

    DRZ windshield

    I'm running Avon Gripsters. Supposed to last several thousand miles. I have 1,500 on them and just now wearing off the little nub feelers. they were $150 for the pair, but at 55 mpg vs 14 mpg for my truck, it saves me over $100 a week. That will buy a lot of tires. As far as the shield height - it hits me about chin level, I guess. I installed it with the little plastic spacers, which rake it away from me a bit. The wind blast hits at the top of my helmet, but doesn't seem to buffet me around. Since I ride with a full face street helmet, it doesn't bother me. The brackets sound like a good idea. I installed late last night, and did the garage flex test, and it looked like it might move. I safety wired both sides of the headlight shell to a triple clamp bolt as a temporary precaution. Seems okay. My bigger problem is the brake line, like you mentioned. When seated I can't see the numbers on my speedo, now. In desperation this morning I stopped and cable tied it to my crossbar (would sure suck off-road as it ripped the line off!). Tonight I'll look at the problem. Amazed at the increase in stability at speed. Before the shield 70 MPH was a struggle to hold on, and the bike liked to death wobble. Now it is smooth as glass up to 80. Pretty happy, so far. Works well and doesn't look like hammered ass...
  8. cantcacheme

    DRZ windshield

    just installed my Cee Bailey last night on my DRZ400S. First commute in to work (85 miles each way) this morning. I love this windshield. It is "just right" in the height, and looks good, too. Very quiet. No buffeting of helmet. Seems to be very high quality and is quite thick. Looks kinda like a large sport bike windscreen. Overall, I'm thrilled. It made this mornings ride at 60 degrees and 70 mph a real treat. Before I was wore out when I got to work from just trying to hold on! The parabellum looks like a good shield. Pretty big and kind of ugly, but probably more coverage than the Cee Bailey.
  9. cantcacheme

    Street Riding Gear Suggestions

    I second Regalman, New Enough is where I got my JR stuff, too. Nice stuff, and looks pretty much like an enduro jacket, making it match a D/S well.
  10. cantcacheme

    Street Riding Gear Suggestions

    I street ride my DRZ with Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket. This is the convertible one, with zip off panels that expose full mesh. Cooler in temp on a hot day than not wearing a jacket. Also has a rain liner that is hotter than hell on warmer days, but works pretty well in the wet. I pair this with a set of Joe Rocket mesh pants for summer work. 1/2 zip legs allow easy on / off over boots. Fairly cool. I use Joe Rocket Phoenix pants for cooler weather. I'm very happy with this stuff, especially considering you can get the jacket for not much over $200, and the pants for less than than. I top it all off with a street full face and a pair of road-race type gloves. Right now I wear combat style boots, but plan to get a pair of D/S or touring type boots soon. I leave the full dirt helmet and motocross boots at home, they are very impractical for highway speeds or walking, respectively. just my 2 cents..
  11. cantcacheme

    110/100 18 Tire on a 19 wheel

    Man, I nearly break all my knuckles (and the bead) trying to get an 18" tire on an 18" rim. Anyone that can stretch one over a 19" is , although not too bright!
  12. cantcacheme

    Triton 5.4?

    Ditto what 45otrailrider said about the F-150. My '06 supercrew 4x4 King Ranch gets a consistent 18 MPG on the Hwy. I have towed 8,000 lbs with and had no trouble running 75 MPH! Of course, it dipped down to about 8 MPG! If I towed "a lot" I'd go diesel, but otherwise it is quite capable. Very solid motor, and truck. My only complaint is the bed. It "shakes" and bounces on rough roads. The truck itself is smooth even on the worst of roads, but the bed boogies all over the place. I took it back to the dealer, and they said, and I quote "they all do that -its perfectly normal!" I have followed other supercrews down the road, and yes, they all bounce the bed. I swear it looks like you have 1/2 the bed bolts removed.
  13. cantcacheme

    Has Rc given Reed enough respect

    So, is Speed showing the Vegas finale live? Assuming yes, that means it is at 7PM in Vegas, so it should be at 9PM in the Central time zone? For some reason my menus on my dish network for speed don't show this... but I know I read that Speed was showing the race live on Saturday, not delayed on Sunday. I also missed the fact that CBS was showing the Seattle race, so I couldn't find it to watch it either
  14. cantcacheme

    Please tell me this guy is not serious.

    my favorite part is "the only things needed are front end gears" Thats a pretty big item to be missing on something with 53" tires, doncha think? What kind of gears does it take, something out of a huge military vehicle? looks pretty cool, like something you haul to a stadium and run over cars. problem, though, is real monster trucks (big foot, et al) have $100K plus suspension / chassis to make them work. this thing would likely fall apart at the first sign of off-road.. sad waste of money, but at least its' his money, not mine..
  15. Not that I know much about lift kits, having never owned a lifted truck, but isn't the "real" purpose of most lift kits to afford more clearance for bigger tires, which, in turn, gives you greater ground clearance, etc? A suspension kit that offers more wheel travel, too, would be a much more involved set-up, wouldn't it? It would lift the truck, but also increase flexibility and clearance, right? That sounds like a purpose to me. If you only want to look good on the street, why not just put a body lift to fit the tires you want.. much cheaper for posers..