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  1. I read the manual, (I know, what the heck) and it mentioned setting the idle with some sort of computer gadget to around 2000 rpm, which I though was kind of high, but whatever. I started it, warmed it up and then turned the idle up a little, I dont have a computer gadget. Now it starts first kick...hmmmm. Who would of thunk it....that dang manual is good for something...
  2. Interesting, mine seems to like a little gas also. That is supposedly wrong....
  3. This was the first ride, so possibly it needs a little more break in time. It always started, it just took a few kicks, and once it took more than a few. I have heard these bikes are generally super easy to start. Anyone else have this minor problem? The bike has a Two Bros. slip-on, I dont know if that would make a difference. The dealer says no, and they are actually looking at it right now. Would the idle adjustment screw effect starting? I messed wth that and maybe shouldnt have. When its cold and the choke is pulled it starts first kick every time. Thoughts?
  4. I have a KTM530 and do some dual sporting in the summer, I am also into desert and single track. We are always looking for new people to ride with. Check out www.motoutah.com there are also several people there to ride with.