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  1. get a CRF150R and stiffer springs, unless your really lite
  2. where in alberta are you?
  3. its the shock that got me the most upset becuase i broke one, was told the new one would be an "updated" one and once i got it it was the same thing and guess what it broke just like the other one did. snapped on the face of a jump as i was about to take off. clearly these shocks are fualty and should be replaced with better units
  4. ya its one thing to help the guy out that whines online, but doesnt everyone have the right to good service without having to come online and bitch?
  5. yup i have had problems too, they have yet to send me a new shock for my borken pitster shock or a cradle mount that they would send after i cracked my engine cases...i have given up
  6. we are trying to start a pit bike class, we ride at the track out in alix, see this link
  7. where are you from in canada?
  8. its a cheap one
  9. do you need your own retail store front for selling them?
  10. im holding out for the 140cc kit braap!!!
  11. I hear a fox air shocks works great on the 06 pitsters
  12. so these are basically just home depot bought screws? if so what type are they?
  13. can you tell me what tire studs you are using on the ice? my local shop has some but they are to big to be screwed into the nobbies on the little pitster tires. thanks
  14. yes mine also does that the odd time, it will be in netural and you can hear it rattling like its not fully engaged.not a huge deal. mine just pops back into gear. i hope we can find out what the problem is or if its covered under warranty?? otherwise this is a great bike.