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  1. I recently came off of a 01' CR 250 and am riding an 07' 300 xc. The 300 rides out of the box like my revalved CR. I ride enduros and love the bike. I agree that the 300 needs to be dialed in for your weight. I have had my bike revalved and am still working on the right combo - sag, clicker settings.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I tried it and it seemed like it would be too short but once I connected everything up worked great. Actually had to pull the wheel back a little to take up some slack. Thanks for the help.
  3. I wanted to experiment with bringing my rear wheel as far forward as possible to help with handling in tight riding conditions. Has anyone use/using a ratio that allows this? I'm currently running 13/51 and an RK 520 o-ring chain. With this setup, the rear wheel is nearly all the way back in the swing arm. Thanks, Paul
  4. I agree that a good shop can really dial in your suspension. It was amazing the difference in how the bike felt before and after the suspension was done. Thanks again for all the info.
  5. Thanks for the replies. The big difference appears to be in the valving. I've invested a few bucks in this bike by having the suspension proffesionaly done but was not sure if the components were much better on newer models. I was suprised at how plush my freind's 06' CRF450 felt with stock valving compared toy mine and it got me wondering if I should be pumping more money into my bike.
  6. Hi all, I've been riding my 01' CR 250 in enduros for about a year now and keep reading that the 02' and up have better suspensions. What is the difference? Is it in the frame and geometry or are the actual components upgraded? ie. forks and shock. I had my suspension revalved/sprung for my weight and was wondering if the difference is that much. Thanks, Paul 01' CR 250 w/12oz flywheel, Keihin carb,scotts dampner,v2 reed valve, knarly pipe...
  7. I also have an '01 CR 250 which I use for enduro's. It has good low end. Has anyone ridden the '01 compared to the new ktm's? I like the fact that the KTM's come with a lot of good components and thinking of making the jump to.
  8. Does anyone know approximately how many psi are generated in these tanks? It sounds like 75cc is the volume to go with. Is there a reason for this volume or is it just to keep them compact? Last question-does the oil return tube at the bottom use the vacuum from the rebound stroke to suck it back into the fork? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks, Paul 01' CR 250
  9. Thanks for the link to the other forum. I'm going to look in the manual to see if there are wear limits on the bushings or if they need to be re-greased. I'm curios to know if the exhaust is causing the crank case to build up too much pressure. I developed an oil leak on the larger gasket on the clutch side after an enduro a couple of weeks back.
  10. I was also checking the engine before re-jetting. My bike ran rich until I changed to an S-7 nozzle. (I have a Mikuni carb.)
  11. I noticed my '01 did the same thing when I pressure tested. I looked for hours trying to find the leak. Is there a fix? Does it need to be fixed? Paul 01 CR250
  12. Yeah I'm familiar with overheating. I owned a 650R and had it overheat several times on single track. It's not the best feeling when your buddy riding behind you says that you've been blowing coolant out for the last 20mins. and you have 15 mi. of single track left to the fire road! Paul 01' CR 250
  13. I was watching the Last Man Standing race and was suprised to see so many 2strokes! That was super technical riding and I would've thought they would want an engine with a lot of low end torque. Also, I've heard that 2strokes are prevalent in GNCC. What makes 2strokes so well suited for this type of riding?...Is it just power to weight, or the type of power the engine makes? I keep reading that 4strokes are supposed to be much better in these conditions ....What's the deal! Paul 01' CR 250, Gnarly/Turbine Core pipe, Hinson clutch, Re-worked suspension, Clark tank....
  14. My bike has been running ok with the Mikuni but recently started pinging-I'm guessing from the colder air temps. Just always seems to need something to run right. Any jetting advice on the Keihin? Was it a direct bolt up? Paul 01' CR 250 w/Gnarly pipe
  15. Thanks Mike, That did the trick.