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  1. djnmya

    94 DR help

    Hello all. I have a very nice 94 DR that was bone stock and very wimpy. I put a 160 main in and shimmed the stock needle and removed the snorkle and put a K&N on it. Its much more peppy now. I believe I need to do the clutch because when a I rev her up in higher gears it seems to slip. I also wonder how this thing could wheelie, I will go fast but doesnt seem to be close to pulling a wheelie. I also have the idle bog and have searched to find a solution for this but havent really found a consensus on what the cure is. Thanks, Dale
  2. djnmya

    Poormans mod

    It was stock 1994 which is 137.5 and 1/16" is 159. I was at the bike shop going to buy a couple but they had a couple of different types and I still had not removed it yet because I needed to buy a impact driver to remove the screws. Anyway it worked really well so far.
  3. djnmya

    Poormans mod

    Well I took all the advice, averaged it all out and performed what I will call the poormans mod. I tried to remove my airbox from my 94 dr650 and if anyone has a tip on that year let me in on it. I did remove the small snorkle. I had to do my carb mods on the bike. I drilled the brass plug out and turned the screw 2 1/4 turns, Pulled the bottom off the carb and took out the main jet drilled it out with a 1/16 bit( 159), then rotated the carb the other way and took the top off and pulled the needle and put a washer under it. Put her all back together and its like a new bike! I will have to check the plugs and see how they are doing but it really is a much better riding bike.
  4. djnmya

    94 airbox removal????

    I have been reading all these posts on airbox mods and jetting and decided to do it but the airbox on the 94 must be different. I cant find out how to remove it. Anyone done it before? Thanks, Dale