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  1. jedsled

    How do banshees compare?

    87-89 had the j-arms...
  2. jedsled


    the prowheel shock sucks, cancel your order if you can. the other ones mentioned are good shocks that are worth the money.
  3. jedsled

    KLX based Pitster x4

    check out the resale values of used pitsters. i understand that klx110s can be money pits, so your best bet and value for the money is getting a used modded klx110, you could get it for up to 1/2 the price it costed to mod it!
  4. jedsled

    KLX/DRZ bars???

    your better pipes if you wanta mod later down the road seem to be the 2bros m6 and the chp new ultima, as well as the bbr. if you're gonna keep it stock, the pro-circuit or chm are prob the best. the low bend pro-taper 7/8s bar is prob the best choice for both you and your kid if your both riding.
  5. if anyone knows where i can buy a complete ktm 65sx inverted fork front end, feel free to pm me. i have paypal. thanks.
  6. jedsled

    Which bike?

    ^^ i agree, klx110 w/ bore kit better choice in long run over a knock-off ^^
  7. jedsled

    CHP klx 110 exaust Jet specs??

    just like he said^
  8. jedsled

    yfz450 oil change question

    ok, thanks a bunch.
  9. jedsled

    yfz450 oil change question

    okay, but you guys are not answering my question- do i need to drain the oil and refill or will running the quad circulate the oil back to the resevoir without any problems?????????
  10. jedsled

    yfz450 oil change question

    am i gonna need to drain the oil then and refill?
  11. jedsled

    Yamaha yfz450 oil change question

    okay, i changed my oil for the first time after buying my quad. i put in the correct amount however my oil tank is empty. i'm guessing that the oil in the resevoir tank went back down into the crankcase of the engine?? is it supposed to do that? i don't want my engine hydro-locking on me. do i need to drain the oil and put the proper amount back into the resevoir tank or will the oil go back to the tank after starting it?
  12. jedsled

    cops suck!!!1

    just one more thing... it is interesting that some of society disrespects police yet most are fascinated with the career- look how many cop shows there are, how many movies about cops we watch, all the books, tv channels (court tv), etc. just something to think about.
  13. jedsled

    cops suck!!!1

    if you run from the cops, even for a city ordinance ticket, they can arrest you and put you in jail. is it worth it for a fine? some college kids up here run to avoid underage drinking fines and end up going to jail for resisting/ obstructing... why should cops risk physical injury to themselves chasing someone on foot or a danger to the public ( by chasing others in their car ) and let the person off with a warning? the problem with society nowadays is that theres no respect. the police are there to enforce laws and city ordinances- its their job, so why call them pigs and disrepect them for doing their job? would you want someone to put you in unnecessary danger for doing your job or disrepect you for doing your job? THIS IS TRUTH. it is sad the way the world is headed.
  14. jedsled

    sp-5 question

    thanks so much for your help!
  15. jedsled

    sp-5 question

    hi, i am putting on bbr sp-5's on my crf50 and dont know if i'm supposed to re-use the stock upper top thread nut ( its the nut w/ dust cover that goes above the headset/ upper bearing-race and underneath the stock top triple clamp ). or do i just put the new bbr top triple clamp right on top of the upper bearing/ headset? please help, bbr didnt send instructions. thanks.