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  1. sonarman

    crank case oil

    Use Amsoil 100% synethic motorcycle it is designed for motorcycle engines and transmissions.
  2. sonarman

    Engine Oil - has anyone run Mobil 1 0W-30?

    Use Amsoil which has synethic oil specifically designed for motocycles and not oil designed for cars. Car oil is not designed to lubricate motorcycles transmissions.
  3. sonarman

    HIFLO-FILTRO oil filters??

    I have used about 25 of them and they work good. I also use Amsoil synethic oil.
  4. sonarman

    What's the best brand of premix to run?

    I would recommend Amsoil Dominator mixed at 50:1 I use it on my sons 125sx with no problems and minimum wear on engine components.
  5. sonarman

    '04 250X Battery Question

    To recharge the 12vdc battery, the charger should be putting out 12.75 to 13.5 volts dc. I use a Pulse Tech charger that is regulated so you don't have to worry about overcharging.
  6. sonarman

    Blown Seals? Why?

    seals are a pain i would suggest to take them to a professional mechanic
  7. sonarman

    What's the best brand of premix to run?

    Try Amsoil Dominator 100% synethic. I have used it on my 125SX with great results. Have fun.
  8. sonarman

    switching premix oils: silkolene to klotz

    Try Amsoil Dominator I use it on my 125SX with great results.