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  1. Brandon Flesner

    thinking about crf250r

    Hey I think you should get a crf250r they are one hell of a bike I bought is has plenty of power for all hills or track. 04 crf250r
  2. Brandon Flesner

    Just bought a 2004, quick question

    Hey i Have a crf250r I was told you can change the oil without filter but i have never done it.
  3. Brandon Flesner

    2006 Honda CRF250 or 2006 Yamaha YZF250?

    I personly think the crf250r is better because the have new dual exhaust and crf 250r was bike of the year and in a magizine i read there was a 250 shootout and crf250r was number one.
  4. Brandon Flesner

    I need help of buying bike

    I think is is probably a ok deal if it is a good clean bike. I bought my 04 crf250r about 6 months ago for $4,000 In good shape.