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  1. DBills

    YZ450FX Startig Issues

    I have the 2016 FX, stock battery and I added the fan. My bike seems to run hot, which prompted me to add the fan. The fan runs a lot, but stops soon after the bike is stopped or turned off. I have has zero starting issues or battery issues. I do have the Shorai on my WR450 and it works great.
  2. Thanks for everybody's help. I found one in the Netherlands. I ordered it on Friday and it was at my door on Monday evening and it was a few bucks cheaper than the ones advertised here in the states (even though they didn't actually carry it in stock).
  3. Did you mean "motosports.com"? The address that you gave did not take me to any sites that sell parts. It was just an informational site. I tried the motosports.com and they don't have them in stock either. So, I am still hoping for someone to have one sitting in an old motor or on the bench. Thanks.
  4. The spindle has been discontinued by Honda and I have tried upwards of 20 or so national dealers, Ebay, Craigs List, Amazon, etc and there is not one to be had in all the land. Hence this posting. Still looking. I hope someone has a spindle sitting around that they are willing to part with. Thanks
  5. I have been searching high and low and cannot find a spindle. Does anybody have one sitting around they would be willing to sell? Thanks, Darren