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  1. CRF150 Rider

    XT250 and FMF

    I am curious to see what it looks like on the bike...
  2. CRF150 Rider

    WR250x right for me?

    Thanks for the replies so far! Making me feel like this is the right bike for me.
  3. CRF150 Rider

    WR250x right for me?

    Ok so I am looking for opinions. I currently have a KLX250s that is modded for off-road. (-1 front sprocket, exhaust, air filter, re-jetted and some other goodies). It's street legal and when it was stock I put about 2000 miles on it on the street. I just sold my Ninja 250 (previous replacement street bike after I set up the KLX for dirt). I didn't like the riding position and all the plastic. I am looking at the WR250x as my new street bike but I have some concerns after reading and searching around the forum a bit. I am 85% of the time on the street 55mph or below with an occasional jump on the highway 70+mph. This is my question, my KLX had a very hard time keeping 70mph and felt like it was going to blow up (stock forum). It had like 18RWHP stock and prob 22 after mods. So will this 28hp WR250x be any better on the highway or am I looking at the same situation. My overall goal would be to be able to ride it to my cottage in the summer about 150 miles away on a 70mph slab. I know people have done more miles that this but after my experience with my KLX I dont think I could do it. Maybe re-gear for highway use? I like the idea of being able to hop a curb if I need to, the low maintenance, the feel of the dirt bike riding position:ride:, good gas milage and lower insurance. Throw me some opinions:banana: Thanks, -Nick
  4. CRF150 Rider


    I had found a riser for a CRF50 that uses the stock bars and moves them up and forward about an inch or so. I have seen the one from 50cc racing but this was a different one, i think it was $50. Any ideas? Are these really worth it or should I just go with a full set up for like $200? Thanks, -Nick
  5. CRF150 Rider

    Tire Help Please

    I only get to ride at my cottage. And I usually have only done about 20 hours a season of riding the last few years but this year I look to do WAY more. Now that I have a truck it makes things MUCH easier to get my bikes to and from different locations.
  6. CRF150 Rider

    Tire Help Please

    I have a YZ80 that im going to be using in the trails this summer. They consist of a little bit of everything execpt rocks. I am having a hard time searching on a decently priced tire to put on the REAR of this bike. I dont know if it being a two stroke makes a differece in tire selection. I have ridden for over 5 years but never had to buy a rear tire due to the fact i buy and sell my bikes before they need a new tire(s) (they are all used bikes). So for my 80 what all-around tire would you recommend? Also can I get put bigger tire (as in taller) on the stock rim? Is that even possible (sorry, again I am noob with tires). Also I'm assuming i need to purchase a new tube as well just to be safe. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  7. CRF150 Rider

    YZ 80 Plug Question

    I have searched and just need some clearing up. I just purchased a MINT 1997 YZ 80 that is bone stock. It currently has a BR9ES NGK plug in it. The owner said that it should have the BR10 when the weather gets warmer. It runs not so good right now and it feels as if the plug is fouling out. So I am just confused as what the best plug to run for the spring and summer when im trail riding and hope this clears the poor performance. I have read the BR8 and 9's are hotter plugs and better for trail riding but stock is the BR10. So suggestions and opinions are welcome. Also if anyone can point me in the direction of where to buy a factory service manual it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  8. CRF150 Rider

    MI- Metro Detroit areas to ride?

    Hey thanks! Only prob is i have a CRF150 and a YZ80, none of which are street legal or could even been made street legal with out ALOT of money. I do have a truck to transport them. Is there off-road areas in Ortonville? Thanks, Nick
  9. CRF150 Rider

    MI- Metro Detroit areas to ride?

    I live in Novi and usually ride up in Clare but this year im not going to have time or gas money to be driving 2 and a half hours to my cottage every time I want to ride. I was wondering if anyone knows of any local trails or areas that you ride at that wont get me into trouble and that are within an hour or so of Novi. So where to you Metro Detroit guys and gals ride around here? Thanks, -Nick
  10. CRF150 Rider

    bbr pipe HEAT

    HAHA Sorry but that made me Laugh out loud. -Nick
  11. CRF150 Rider

    The best 2 stroke oil

    Klotz Super TechniPlate is what I run in my CR 80. Before it's mixed it smells AMAZING! I love the smell when it comes out the exhaust pipe, ymmmmm:ride: LOL. But the smell is the only reason I buy it! J/K. But I have read alot of good things about it. -Nick
  12. CRF150 Rider

    convincing stubborn dad

    Well I just bought a CR80 and also have a CRF150. I love the CRF for the trails. But if i want to rip it up the 80 is my pick. Also I like the stance of the 80 better. But I keep my CRF stock and the CR is kinda like my mod/project bike (bought it for 500). Now when I was 16 I bought a RM125 (selling it now) and i was 5'4. The bike was just WAY too big/powerful for me. I still think it is now. That thing never did scare me on the trails because I understood what it could do. The 80 is just an overall great starter bike. I am now 5'6 and it fits me great (barley flat foot) but i ride it without my knees hitting my face. Another plus is its simple to work on, buy a manual and you really cant go wrong. For the noise well its a two stroke, i personal LOVE the sound (I think just about everyone on this 2 stroke forum would agree) just keep the stock pipes on. So your dad wins their. Again like stated above... make a pros and cons list for your dad and do your best to keep cool if things start to get into an argument. If you know anyone with a 80 you should bring the bike over to show your dad. Good Luck, Nick
  13. CRF150 Rider

    CR80 Rear Tire

    I think I am liking the dunlop 756.
  14. CRF150 Rider

    CR80 Rear Tire

    Does anyone know the largest tire size that I can put on the rim of a CR80?
  15. CRF150 Rider

    CR80 Rear Tire

    Ok I have been doing alot of searching for the right tire and am lost. I couldn't really find a better place to post this. So my rear tire is crap. My riding consists of trails with hard packed dirt, sugar sand, and mud. Just about everything. My main concern is the sand. That seems to be the most difficult part for me to handle. So I would love to hear suggestions of tires that would be good for this kinda ridding and if possible under 100 bucks. Also is it possible to go taller or wider without modifications? Thanks, Nick