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  1. cool video the race track looked easy, but that freestyle jump was crazy...
  2. hahaha that second one was good
  3. no, he lives in louisiana...
  4. according to the website you could have been ripped 30 days ago...haha
  5. I have used engine ice my last three bikes and it has made a noticable difference in operating temperature for all three... its about 20 bucks a bottle and you only use about half of it so its usually enough for two coolant changes...anyone who thinks that is too expensive is in the wrong sport.
  6. wow some of those were gnarly
  7. haha not "player"..."playa"
  8. I guess since you sold my 450 im just gonna have to go to excel to get one...(or "ride now" i guess is their new name)
  9. 2006 KX250F for sale...pm for details haha
  10. you work at a kawi dealership...shouldnt you know the answer to this question? haha jk special k
  11. i dont think that would make someone look like a 'squid' but maybe i'm wrong...isn't the point of the ama logos to make your bike look like the pro's bikes? in that case wouldnt it make you look like a 'pro' and not a 'squid'? or maybe it can just show that you are an ama member...idk
  12. if there is no D class in new jersey (???) then I guess you dont have a choice... I'd say go for it, but just dont get discouraged if your not at the front of the pack. as for your riding, dont sit down so much and go faster on the easy parts of the track.
  13. I agree...i think the kid with the camera needs to take a hard hit to the face.