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  1. smart88

    07 Bikes

    isn't this supposed to be the last year for the production of two strokes?
  2. smart88


    did u look?
  3. smart88

    6'1" 230lbs too big for CRF230?

    I've never talked to anyone who has ridden a kdx 200, but just by looking and seeing them around they look like a better woods bike.
  4. smart88

    Dirt Rider 24 HR Test

    I thought the crf 230 can only hit 65 stock?
  5. smart88

    whats the right jetting

    There is a stickey at the top of the forum explaining how to do it.
  6. smart88

    CRF230 Biker Build Off - Tap Out Grapler Style

    I personally like black plastics, but it's still a nice bike
  7. smart88

    Question about handguards

    I think thats handguatds with the alumminum guard
  8. Hey guys I was wondering if anybody here has tried the 661 Pressure Suit, either the red or blue one. From the pictures it doesn't look like it zips up ala the AXO and EVS ones, does this make it "ride up" as you ride? And what do those of you that have it think of it?
  9. smart88

    i need graphics

    I wanted cool graphics for my 230, and didn't like any of them. My suggestion would be to try and trim a 125 kit to fit, or use the evo graphics with black plastics
  10. smart88

    Thinking about a new Bike...

    I have no experience with either bike, but I read an article that said the wr250 is better on open lands and the crf250x is better for the tight turns and woods riding. Just something to think about
  11. smart88

    Best MX Boots??

    Where do you get prizes so low
  12. smart88

    Oversized piston for 230F?

    It also requires case machining
  13. smart88

    230 Rev Box

    I would choose bbr.
  14. I started during winter break, when I was 17. My brother rode with my neighbor a couple years ago at 13, but didn't start riding consistenly until he was 15. It's mainly my fault I didn't ride sooner because I never showed interest in dirt bike riding until I actually TRIED IT!!!!! Once I tried it I was and am hooked.
  15. smart88

    New Helmet Recommendations

    Thanks for the info on the helmet fittings. So I gather the info that I should get either the HJC AC-X3 or the Thor Force helmet?