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  1. mulisha1760

    Pics of your CRF 450

    Heres mine in Glamis
  2. mulisha1760

    CRF450R top speed?

    ive believe its around 89mph on the highway
  3. mulisha1760


    i had the same problem when i got my 06. i bought and msr shifter after i broke the stock one and my problem went away.
  4. mulisha1760

    your top three favorite motocrossers

    1.kevin windham(all around rider) 2.ricky carmichael(speed) 3.james stewart(style)
  5. anyone know if yoshimura makes replacement stickers for there exhausts? I was hillclimbing the other day and i dropped my bike on a bunch of rocks and it completely tore off the yoshi sticker on my exhaust.
  6. mulisha1760

    raptor 700 shocks

    yes they are interchangeable imo the 700 has a better suspension for trails or dunes but as for racing the yfzs stiffer suspension works better
  7. mulisha1760

    Porterville MX Pics

    i live near visalia and i didnt know that track existed.i have to check it out soon
  8. mulisha1760

    Difficult decision about going to Glamis

    take the 04. i just got back from glamis on monday. it was awesome!
  9. mulisha1760

    gearing for glamis

    what size sprockets should i use for glamis this weekend. i still have the stock gearing right now.
  10. mulisha1760

    For you So-Cal riders

  11. mulisha1760

    07 YZ450F Cam Trick?

    ya i know its done to the quad but never heard of it on a bike
  12. mulisha1760

    supercross the movie

    yup i noticed that too
  13. mulisha1760

    Check out the new bike! (Pics)

    just did the same kit to my buddies yz250f looks awesome