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  1. SuperDave

    New to Kalispell Montana and need riding partners

    NOPE, they have real women in Montana...........
  2. New to Kalispell Montana and having trouble find people to ride with in the area.... any groups or riders out there I could tag along with before winter hits Ride a 2010 530 XC-W
  3. So I got a new job in Hungry Horse Montana now I need a place to live.........anybody know of a good honest real-estate agent. Probably just rent at first, don’t need much, just a clean 2 bd with a 2 car garage with off street parking, a 3 car garage with living quarters upstairs would perfect Probally north end of Kalispell, between Kalispell and Whitefish area and I need some new dirt bike friends, Intermediate single track rider, plated 2010 KTM 530 XCW 6 Days Hows the KTM dealer in town
  4. SuperDave

    Rock Springs, WY High Plains Desert

    go over to KTMTALK and find Zilla, he lives there and rides several times a week, he KNOWS EVERY trail around Rock Springs
  5. Well Dirt werx that builds the Supercross tracks use 2 front end loaders to get the dirt in the right spot then 2 D4 cats and 2 Cat tracked skid steers to build the track:ride:
  6. SuperDave

    Moab Monday, Oct 10th - Friday Oct 14th

    Still warm enough to camp in RV then:ride:
  7. SuperDave

    Salt lake

    tons of awesome single track around there, Hobble creek is one, American Fork canyon has a bunch as well but snow is on the way, get a snowmobile and have fun:thumbsup:
  8. Company has an opening at Albeni Falls Dam near Oldtown, Idaho/Newport Wa. looks like a nice little town, should have plenty of dirt bike single track and snowmobiling, is it wet and rainy like Washington state Thanks:thumbsup:
  9. SuperDave

    Three Day Utah Trip

    if your looking for prime single track there is no need to leave the SLC area, there are many many miles of awesome single track there, American fork, Hobble creek and many others,
  10. SuperDave

    KTM allergic to water?

    yes it will kill engine, the 2 upper vents need to go up to steering head, the 2 lower ones can hang in stock location, first thing I do on a new bike, easy fix
  11. SuperDave

    KTM allergic to water?

    reroute the 2 upper carb hose vents up the frame to the steering head, they are get blocked by water
  12. SuperDave

    2012 sixdays

    dealer had to get my 2010 out of the Ohio warehouse when they became available , a few 450s around buy very few 530s, 2011 they were sitting in every show room, go figure
  13. SuperDave

    2012 sixdays

    2010 and 2011 six days were equipped similar to that list, just looked more stock because of black frame I dont have a list in front of me but mine came with XC-W six days Machined triple clamps 18-20 I think Supersprox steel/aluminum rear sprocket special seat skid plate/Motor protection Cooling fan for all four-stroke models Front wheel axle puller for fast wheel changes Exclusive Six Days graphics kit hand guards head light and tail light
  14. SuperDave

    Help with Montana trail riding areas

    area around West and anything south of Bozeman:ride:
  15. SuperDave

    Help with Montana trail riding areas

    any idea if these trails are open yet, how is the snow melt going??