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  1. outacontrol450

    Off road bike trail for middle aged guy

    I had an 06 crf450x it was a great bike. Electric start, parts are easy to get. Always ran like a champ I had no complaints.
  2. outacontrol450

    Which Jets to use

    Ok cool ill give that a try and see how it feels. Thanks
  3. outacontrol450

    Which Jets to use

    Is there a way to tell if the jets and needle are the stock one's, or aftermarket? I bought the bike used. Currently the needle is on the 4th clip, and it had a red top till i hit it with carb cleaner. The jets have the numbers 45, and 165. I'm trying to get more power out of the bike by rejetting it. Any Suggestions, Comments? Current bike mods are as follows MRD full exaust: R CAM: New Bigger valvers: Opened air box: Pink wire mod: 13:1 piston. I usually ride from around sea level, to the top of stoneyford, randsburg/jawbone area. (3000ft?/4000ft?) On the 4th clip Jet says 45 on it jet says 165
  4. outacontrol450


    My buddy has an 05 450 MXC and his front wheel looks like a taco. Does anyone know if one off an 125 will fit? there's one on Ebay off an 03. Or is there any others that will fit? Are all 21' the same? Thanks
  5. outacontrol450

    95 CR250 Worth

    Hey everyone I just had a quick question my old man has a 95 CR250 that he doesn't ride anymore and would like to sell it. Any idea on what it is worth? There doesn't seem to be many out there... I think it is all stock. Its in good shape. Thanks
  6. outacontrol450

    mechanic referral

    AS Racing did the top end on my bike. I LOVE it with the new Power. Paul and Kelly are real nice to deal with.
  7. outacontrol450

    piston choice?

    I just did the top end on mine and went with the JE 12.5 Along with the 06 R cam. It's Awesome! The power is just what I was looking for, it feels like a 450 on steriods, with a power band like a two stroke were it just pulls FAST!
  8. outacontrol450

    Need some help with decel pop!

    Check for an exhaust leak. Mine did the same thing and I found that after I fixed it the pop went away
  9. outacontrol450

    Top End Rebuild Is Done!!!!

    Awesome! Wish I had the same luck. I had AS Racing do the top end on mine. I got it all back together it fired right up but theres this ticking sound that I cant get rid of.... It's driving me crazy
  10. outacontrol450

    ktm vs japanese bikes in trails

    I ride a 06 crf450x. I LOVE it! It needed some work to make it faster but now it's perfect. It's the best of both wolrds easy to ride lot's of power when needed and at the end of the day I dont feel all beat up like I did on the Two Strokes.
  11. outacontrol450

    Jardine Exhaust

    Everyone seems to have something different to say about it. Most people told me to stay away from it when I was looking. Everyone highly recomended the MRD Exhaust that Dave makes. I just orderd it but have yet to put it on and try it.
  12. outacontrol450

    Going To Do A Top End On 06

    Down in so. Cal canyon county
  13. outacontrol450

    Going To Do A Top End On 06

    You just have to take off the left case.... no big deal, but you need the tool to get the fly wheel off so that you can get the old chain off.
  14. outacontrol450

    Going To Do A Top End On 06

    yea im doing everything
  15. outacontrol450

    Going To Do A Top End On 06

    Speaking of new top ends I just got my head and new piston and cam chain back from AS Raacing. I was going to install it but just found out that you need a special tool to take the fly wheel off.... No one around here has one any suggestions on how to get it off with out the tool?