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  1. ralphyzf426

    New 2015 FE501, what's needed?

    4cs forks... send them to Stilwell performance when you get tired of their crappy feel and harsh action. Alan has the solution to these forks, once he is done with them they are like riding on air! They just eat up terrain of all kinds. I spent $800 with WP Factory Services and they were actually worse then stock!
  2. ralphyzf426

    4cs forks revalve

    If you have these forks and are tired of there harsh and bottoming action. Send them to Stilwell performance now!! I sent mine to WP factory services first and wasted $800 dollars. I ride in the deserts of ca and az with some single track in Utah and Colorado. SP gave me a set up that is so nice I no longer feel every square edge and rock out there. I was ready to sell my 14 husky fe 501 it was so bad! Now I am as happy as one can be on a dirt bike! It just eats up every terrain type i can attack now!
  3. Iam looking for the setting for this kit to ride in lucerne valley?