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  1. Aenima

    Bought myself 2 birthday presents

    Oops, sorry guys I think I'm on the wrong page.....I thought I was on Thumpertalk.... not Bible thumpertalk Happy Birthday and enjoy the bike!!! It is a very good idea to get some credit going...my older brother paid all his bills off and now is having trouble getting a credit card because of it! like you said about the tat it's for you and no one else. I had my kid give me a temp Sponge Bob tat and I got sick of it after one day, it wasn't as cool as it was the day before
  2. Aenima

    Wanted: 1994 Yz250 Engine!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the advise sir
  3. I am in the need of a 1994(or any year that would fit a 94 frame) YZ250 engine and carb!!! If anyone knows of one for sale or has one for sale please post back...thanks!
  4. Aenima

    installing gas tank -- clarke 3.9

    I realize this is an old post, but I'm just now getting into the sport. Okay...I bought a Clarke 3.9, bought new fuel line, connected it, used the old vacuum hose. The old vac hose didn't seem to be kinked and I actually put a loop in the fuel line to keep in from kinking(not even sure if you can do that)......oh yeah, I cleaned all the shavings out of the new tank............I went to take it for a test run.....and wouldn't you know it, it doesn't run right(it's all the bikes fault..it can't be mine ) it goes rrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrRRRRR then dies(unchoked, while trying to ride it)....it idles up N down while fully choked, but doesn't die. I have a couple questions for some of you tech savy fellas. 1. Any suggestions? 2. Would anyone like to recommend a brand and length of fuel line and maybe a picture of the same tank/bike setup to use as an example for rerouting my fuel line? 3. Any recommendations of what to do about the vacuum hose, brand of hose, molded like stock?, length how to determine if it is only the vac hose that's causing this? 4. Would a clogged fuel cap vent cause this? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!