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  1. I got My front brake line off E-bay . it came for China but for $12.00 You can't beat it . It is S.S. and You can get any length ( I used 53" for a little more length ) . I put a 270 mm brake on the bike and a headlight so it needed to be longer than stock .
  2. unclehoot

    Safe wire routing for tail light

    Drill a hole in the fender and run the wire through it . I drilled My hole just behind the seat mounting bolt towards the rear ( there is a flat spot there ) and a little lower so that the bolt won't hit it . Then I drilled 3 small holes on the edge of the fender and used small cable ties and then went into the side of the tail light . Everything is kept off to the side so the wheel does not come close to it
  3. unclehoot

    07 yz250 with 05 suspension. Revalve or buy sss

    NorCalOutlaw , I,m in Grants pass Or. and need to have My 2003 forks & shock revalved for the woods . Where is the shop You work at ? . Can I get the number to call ? G.P doesn't have crap for suspension work .