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  1. Here is what I'm working with.
  2. I just picked up 94 125 basket case as well! Opened up the engine and water came out. Cylinder is bad, need sleeve. Lots of other problems but it is fun. I'm going through every piece getting rid of rust and 20 years of dirt. A shame what this bike has been through..
  3. It's all timing. Just keep at it. Took me a while but I found a bargain in awesome shape. Nobody was willing to drive that far. My score.
  4. I got a pair of alpinestars with my bike. Coming from alpinestars mx boots, I can't believe how comfortable the trials boots are. No problems walking around with them on. Perfect amount of flex and protection when riding my gasgas.
  5. I just got an 03 pro 280 because of the price and condition. Would have liked to start on a 250 but oh well. I did put on the slow throttle and I guess I could go to a 10 tooth sprocket if needed. For now I'm just learning so we'll see how it goes.
  6. Maybe try trials central forums for an answer.
  7. Does rypusa.com or tryals shop.com carry it?
  8. Use searchtempest.com. You can check all Craig's list cities at once. I did that weekly and found a bike. You may need to expand your search and drive a bit.
  9. For an xl, it almost fits and I have a small head (thought I'd be a size m). I'm sure the shell size is bigger than others. I probably look like a lollipop with it on.
  10. Hey guys, I just picked up my first trials bike (yay me!). Anyways, it came with a helmet and since it is too big for me, I want to sell it. I can't find comparable ones online, so I'm asking if you could tell me what this might be worth. It's a Hebo, size XL. I don't think it was ever used. There is only a tiny scuff on it. Otherwise, it is brand new looking. Any ideas on how much to sell for? Thanks!
  11. Use searchtempest.com to look for bikes in all Craig's list cities. Handy
  12. It's hard to find these bikes. I'm in Indiana. Just keep checking CL. They tend to go fast.
  13. Thanks for the info Colin. I hope to not have these issues, but we shall see. This is my first modern trials bike (restoring a Bultaco sherpa t right now). Super excited. Ryan
  14. What problems are you having with the 03 280? I'm getting one next week.