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  1. no believe me the gaskets are good. this bike is very well maintained.
  2. no leaks, all the gaskets are in good condition.coolant will just spit out once its starts to get hot.
  3. hey guys, i have a 06 kxf250 and ive been boiling coolant.i have a rocket exhaust wich is properly jetted and i just put a 1.6 cap on. all it takes is about 5 min running time and it will start to come out of the over flow:thumbsdn: .any ideas whould be helpfull-thank you
  4. its been seperate since 05
  5. hey guys im being very hesitant on selling my 04 rmz 250.the only thing that bothers me is the vales.i got it back from the shop with a full rebuild and put about 6 to 7 hours on it.then one day it ran very hot and spit coolant out of the overflow.i took it in and they said that the valves went out of ajustment because of so much dust, and it went into my head and made a valve stay open(and yes it was very dusty when i went to the deser)t. my question for you is how many hours do you get on your rmz with stock everything besides a pipe before adjusting your vales any help will help tramendously ps i ride my bike kinda hard but not really
  6. hey i am on the verge of stepping up to a 450 but im am not sure what to chose from i really like the suzuki for how much less it is in cost. how many hours have you gotten without touching anything on it besides normal maintance. any replied would greatly be appriciated
  7. ya i think the guy that had my bike had overheated it and when i got it i was weak so it snapped
  8. well you say the vales are good but i had the same prob i had to do the vales as one was stuck open.
  9. all of these are good ways but i got a tap a die set and re- threaded it and it is fine.
  10. the place i had taken my bike said it had gotten worn like lost its strength, he said its pretty common with older four strokes but i had just started my bike ,gone half a lap and boom, it wasnt hot or anything.
  11. hey hows it going, i recently got my rmz back from a shop due to a snapped crank shaft rod which had split my cases and cyclinder. i also had to get a new top end timing chain and question is has this happened to anyone else?
  12. if i were you i would just run all stock i just had my top and bottom end rebuilt do to a snapped crank rod and i got all stock oem parts and it has ran better then before. i had been running a race piston before with race gas.
  13. like everybody else said the main bolts like motor and body bolts