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  1. Dezertrider89


    Ive heard of this quickshot that installs on the carb to eliminate the the bog when you get on the throttle. Do any of you have it, if so how does it work?
  2. Dezertrider89

    Pro Circut High Compresion Kit

    Well the money doesnt matter, im getting the kit installed for 160. I just wanted some reviews on it.
  3. Dezertrider89

    Pro Circut High Compresion Kit

    What are your opinions on this kit for the crf250r?
  4. Dezertrider89

    CRF250R vs. CR125R

    My opinion is the 125 i have a crf250r and hand down it is a lot cheaper to have a 2 stroke. I had a 99 yz125 wish i wouldnt have got rid of it. I mean with a crf250 you have to check and maintain your valves. Then once they are to the point you have to completely rebuild the valves your looking at somewhere around $500 compared to about 200 of rebuilding the top end of a 2 stroke.
  5. Dezertrider89

    K&N airfilter?

    another thing is i also have the pc racing seal should i just put airfitler oil aound the rim of the air filter or take it off and just use the filter grase
  6. Dezertrider89

    K&N airfilter?

    thanks guys i just bought one today see how it will do on the next trip to ocotillo
  7. Dezertrider89

    K&N airfilter?

    anoyone here use a K&N on their bike? If so how do you like it?
  8. Dezertrider89

    Honda Valve Question for 400ex

    What is the vavle specs and spacing for a 2003 300ex? And a 2000 trx 90?
  9. Dezertrider89

    Switching to Synthetic

    USE AMSOIL 10w-40
  10. Dezertrider89

    airbox mod

    Can the airboxs mods be done for he R like X, if so doesnt anyone have pics of how to
  11. Dezertrider89

    Ya, I hate these questions too.

    I raptor would defiently win
  12. Dezertrider89

    oil question please help

    a billy who oil sup they have then for your tranny and enigne oil but one bottle will do both if you know the amount of oil to put in
  13. Dezertrider89

    Amsoil/Factory Connection graphics