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    Anyone know where the cheapest place is to get a TTR-50. It can be anywhere in the lower 48, because my g-pa dirves semis so he could probably pick it up. If you know the price of the ttr50s in your area then please let me know!!! Thanks
  2. DirtRider467

    !!!Looking for an Engine!!!

    I have a 110cc Lifan Motor. I'm not sure if there's anything wrong with it! To the best of my knowledge, it's just fine. I will sell it for $120 shipped. That is what I paid from the 1st owner, and would just like to get a little fast cash, so I can buy a different motor. I really want a HONDA motor. So I'm not saying this is trash!! But let me know! Thanks
  3. I'm building a 50 for the races, and need the following parts asap if you have them! xr/crf70 clamps xr/crf70 frame xr/crf70 plastics with gas tank xr/crf50 wheel set xr/crf50 motor or bottom end I have got some money coming in, and need this stuff asap! I do know that the xr and crf70 frame is a little different so you don't have to tell me. I'm just looking for whatever I can find at a good price. I also have a 110cc Lifan motor, and a few other things I could trade. I want either a/m hubs or honda hubs. And a Honda motor!!! And to the mods, I'm not trying to make this a for sale thread by telling people what I have to trade, so please don't delete it! Thank you.
  4. DirtRider467

    Cheap Pitbike???

    Anyone know where I can get spme super cheap knock off parts?
  5. DirtRider467

    Bike Build for the Midsize class!

    Ok, cool. Thanks man. I'm going to be look around on ebay and stuff for an xr200 shock! Thanks again for the help!
  6. DirtRider467

    Bike Build for the Midsize class!

    Hey man, I'm thinking about doing the same thing to a 70, and I was just wondering what kind of shock you were using? Thanks
  7. DirtRider467

    Need some XR/CRF70 Clamps!! ASAP!!!!!! And other Parts!!!

    Bump!! I need some 70 clamps asap!!!!!
  8. DirtRider467

    Need some XR/CRF70 Clamps!! ASAP!!!!!! And other Parts!!!

    Ok, can you PM me your phone number. And when I call should I just ask for Gary?
  9. DirtRider467

    PIt bike and another?

    i ride anything w/ 2 wheels!!!
  10. DirtRider467

    Need some XR/CRF70 Clamps!! ASAP!!!!!! And other Parts!!!

    How much do you want for the steering stem, and lower clamp? I can have the money sent this week!! Let me know!
  11. Anyone have any??? I need them asap! I need my front end complete for my bike build!! I also need some other parts, so if you have them let me know! Good Shock, even if its a knock off! (2) HD Spoke Sets Box Style Swinger (Even if Its a KNock off!) Front, and Rear Wheels (Brand doesn't matter!! along with color!!) Let me know what you have asap! Thanks
  12. DirtRider467

    Honda Engine in Chinese Frame

    ahahahaha!!! I was thinking the same! Oh, and get this, it was 40 minutes after the post you quoted!!! ahhaha
  13. Send me a PM, and I'll buy that I-Shock!
  14. DirtRider467

    Blue Plastics?

    Does Anyone Know Of A Good Set Of Graphics That Look Decent On A Set Of Blue Xr50 Style Plastics? I'm Looking At Buying A Set And Want To Know What Looks Good. I'm Building A Bike So I Don't Want To Spend A Whole Lot Of Money On Them! Thanks
  15. DirtRider467

    Whats the best fiddy graphics???

    Personally, out of the two you picked I would go with the Zoo-York Graphics. I like both, but don't really care for all the crazy stuff on the first one.