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  1. Not sure if any of you can make this meeting but the bigger the number the better chance we have not to loose more ground, hope to see you there!! Hello: This group is trying to get the Clavey River to be Wild & Scenic, that will change OHV use along the river. You can help by volunteering to help with the surveys so we can show how much the area is used by the general public not just eco's. Chuck is going to try to get the training on Saturday mourning. Mike- The Clavey River Ecosystem Project is looking for volunteers on 4th of July weekend to complete Recreation Visitor Surveys in the Hull Creek/Clavey River Area. Below is a tentative schedule for the weekend. The group will be meeting at a dispersed area just past Hull Creek Campground off of route 31 (3N01). Fri 6/30: Training 2-4pm Sat 7/1: Surveying 7-4 Sun 7/2: Follow-up- done by 2pm. For additional information, please contact Cynthia King at Sierra Nevada Program Director Tuolumne River Trust P.O. Box 933 Sonora, CA 95370 cynthia@tuolumne.org phone: (209) 588-8636 fax: (209) 588-8019 Thanks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chuck James - Recreation/OHV Stanislaus National Forest - Mi Wok RD P.O.Box 100, Mi Wuk Village, CA 95346 Ph. (209) 586- 3234 Fax (209) 586-0643 email - cjames01@fs.fed.us ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. FutureCustoms

    Wanted, TE or TC 450/510 Owners

    Hey Bro.....There is one on Ebay right now under TC 450........I am going to bid on some of his other stuff, but I saw it yesterday
  3. FutureCustoms

    Modesto area

    Hull Creek and camp Clavy are just open and still damp so a pretty good ride.......just above turn of to Deer Creek but on the south side of the 108
  4. FutureCustoms

    SACRAMENTO Looking to ride..enduro/duel sport

    Hey John, I'm down in Modesto area but come fall we could hook up for a ride in the Hull Creek area...........or come ride the PoleCat Enduro we do.......
  5. FutureCustoms

    Low Lifes at Jawbone

    Geeze I live right on a county road just east of Modesto and and across the street from a county park and I have got couches chairs tvs freezers,and matresses all dumed out here.........It has gotten so bad the last few years that you have to watch out you don't hit some of the crap on the way home at night..........really sad.......I even had a load of wood and nails dumped in my driveway a couple years ago..right smack in the middle were we had to clean it up just to go to work.............and Oh my personal favorite was when the dirt bags that were camped across the street at the Woodward resivor came over and kicked out my fence boards for their camp fire......20' sections no less..........called the park service and they suggested I change my fence to plastic so it would not be used as fire wood????? &%$#@!???? there's a solution..............R
  6. FutureCustoms

    Motosportz.com bolt on tower and stabilizer

    Excellent.............been waiting for a Husky built unit...........
  7. FutureCustoms

    Barbara Boxer is at it again.

    Hmmmmmmmmm, Ya want to know the problem folks??? too few of us donate our time to be involved in the trail management proccess, and too few of us give 100-300 a year to save our riding areas...............and unfortunatly when it comes to greens, they do both and more..year in year out..........We are often our own worst enemy's........Back when I did a program called Dirt Alert with a few friends of mine,and the founder Bob Wick (We generated letters that you could sign and send to your elected officials) anyway we had trouble even getting members to sign their letters and send them in...........the apathy in the off road comunity is terrible........and tree huggers get the membership involved.......I know because back in the mid 70s I was a member of both the Sierra Club and GreenPeace.........I left both when I found that there is no middle ground or willingness to work with all the other users of the effected areas, and one thing we never worried about was donations..........all of us dug deep every month.............I still do this for BRC, Salinas Ramblers,and special other offroad groups that are making an effort, I still go up to the forestry meetings and stay involved, I still go help my club and the others repair and maintain their trails. Unfortunately we all have to find the time to do this.........sometimes its damned inconvienent, but if we want to make any kind of headway......thats waht it will take, As to voting Dem or GOP??? I'm not sure, I used to go meet with both sides of the Isle in Sacto to push our goals I think I used to get more possitive responce from Reds.......But I think the best thing to do is go look how the guy or Gal votes on your issues, and make your choice that way....Think about it everyone..............for each member of Sierra Club and the others we need one offroad user to donate the same funds and time they do.............and we are way far behind..............R
  8. FutureCustoms

    Need Help !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Fish check your private messages I sent you links to pictures of what you need to get.......R
  9. FutureCustoms

    Need Help !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Bro , Man I dont see a lot of helpfull info here......he already knows he F'd up no need to add to it....................Heres what you will need to do......go down to the building supply yard........get about 6...... 24 inch foundation spikes and a double block and tackle from harbor freight you can also use a single with a snatch block that can be had at any good 4x4 store,get a good piece of rope...not some crappy discount crud...........Ok now you are back up at the trail, set your block and tackle up Pound 2 stakes in the ground as far up the trail as possible run your rope down to the snatch block and back up to the second stake.........stand the bike up and one guy stears and the other guy pulls........with a double up you should have no problem gettin the bikes back up to were you can ride them out.................let me know if ya need more info...209-848-0741
  10. FutureCustoms

    Bigbob Dq'd!!!!!!!!

    Ah ha Got it!..........Well Bro at Least you were out there doing it while us rear eshalons were enjoing the pool and emenities!!
  11. FutureCustoms

    Bigbob Dq'd!!!!!!!!

    Hey Old Dude!!! Congrats on your C overall!!! Not sure if I met you yesterday with Bob...........But a hearty well done!!!!
  12. FutureCustoms

    Some Fools Gold Observations......

    As I mentioned in Bob's post I got a chance to go up this weekend and rebuild some friendships that I had let lapse in 1991 when I moved away from the CERA club area and quit racing, to pursue other life items @ Family, Business,and build a new home.........I never figured it would take me 16 years to make it back.....Today I got to see three of the guys (Cliff Gliden,Tom Guidice Kurt Goddard), that made the biggest impact on my sucess in the 80s These guys took me from a half assed desent trail rider that had just got his butt wupped at the 85 Quicksilver National (my first Enduro) I swore after that race that Ed Tobin who I had never met hated me personaly.......I did not meet him till 2 years later, but that whole day I just knew he hated me......LOL..anyway these 3 guys took me in and let me ride with them for 3 years showing me what it took to ride A, they coached, gave honest input, beat me up a bit, but always in a positive way, and even though I had moved east after leaving the club their input made it all happen for me as I continued to race.......so seeing them all today continue to work to help new and old riders have a possitive Enduro Experience was excellent.......Thanks to all 3 of you...... Second I want to thank all of you guys and gals that came up today to ride and out of the 180+ riders That My Friend Anthony, Don from BLUE RIBBON Coalition, and I ran through Tech and sound check we only had to have one guy change baffle plates,One guy screw in his spark arrestor, and one guy who tried to sneek his race muffler covered with mud through...Don caught his butt, and made him change to the other one he had in his truck.LOL Thats 3 out of over 200 riders that came to the race with what they needed to have.............No fights, no bitching, no bs last minute packing........every single one had a current Red,Green,Blue,or DMV paperwork in hand and ready to go..........Thanks to each and every one of you........ The next thing I want to comment on was the 3 injuries we had, One young rider took a hit on his knee and split it to the bone.......through a brand new set of knee pads......folks buy the good ones not the cheapies.....they aint worth it.......Anyway The Motorcycle Patrol got him back and we got him patched up enought to go home to get sewed up by his own doctor. Second guy Broke a foot........he was in pain but was quickly brought back to his truck. Third one was kind of a strange deal and if anyone knows the whole story please correct what I saw.....We had a kid.....13-15??? came who was riding his first race on a 250 with his dad, he crashed in the first couple hours but was told by his group to get up and shake it off ( He may have had a concussion) he then ate the big one a bit later and looked (Not sure) like he broke both bones in his lower leg.....he was then left on the side of the trail so the rest of his group could finish the race???!!!?!?!? whats up with that crap???? His dad was in this group?????? anyway anouther rider a B or a C gave up his chance to have a good race to bring this kid back to us at sign-in..........Bud if your the guy who gave up your day to get this kid back to us, and not pull a leave him on Everest deal like his group, them my hat is off to you for really understanding the never leave a guy behind program.........Thank you....... And Finally after being gone for 16 years it was great to see that Kraig and all the CERA family still knows how to do it right!!! you guys rock!! and I hope to see all of you up at our PoleCat in Dec. for a little payback!!( Oh by the way just a little insider info for all of you, the club has worked very hard, and there will be zero rocks this year...........To all of you who came up and said hi were you been??? Thanks I knew your faces but croaked on the names.........I had a blast and will see you soon!!...R
  13. FutureCustoms

    Fools Gold Enduro 2006 - Ride report: I am Enduro Man.

    Man don't let these two guys fool you they kicked butt!......I got to come up and help my old CERA club with this years Fools Gold and it was definatly no Picnic, it was a butt buster, It was hot it was dusty, for these two guys to finish this race took a pile of good stuff!!! It was great meeting Bob today, and for those that wonder, he has found a real cute girlfriend........he's not kidding!! I saw the picture.......LOL:) and by the way good to meet you Bob and congrats on finishing a very tough ride!!!!....Rhys ......Also very cool to see my old friends Cliff,Kraig,Tom,Rick and Jeff Erwin riding with his son.........He's still the biggest som bitch to ever ride Enduros............
  14. FutureCustoms

    See ya at Georgetown...........

    Will be there for the race sunday..see ya there!!
  15. FutureCustoms

    Ride report - Clear Creek

    Well I guess someone ought to jump in here and clarify that Clear Creek contains "Long Strand Asbestos" and not "Short strand Asbestos" The dangerous one, and there has been no record of long term health hazards from using this area..........Even the dirty orange water at Idria could be consumed...It would taste like shi. but is just Iron decaying @and this kills the fish downstream.......this of course has only been recorded by the Lady who bought land south of Idria and wanted it closed anyway..........Only the accual mill sites is considered dangerous, and as far as the whiners down at Hernandoes Ressivor, They never paid a penny for the lake or the dam. it was an army core of Engineers project that was highjacked after public funds paid for it, and the lake is filling in a high rate whether we are there or not but since the people that raised such a stink in the early years and took control of the lake, now the AC Engineers sayes piss on um its their lake and they can worry about it............R