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  1. DLG Moto Art

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Here are some pics of me at the final 2011 round of the Mexican Supermoto Championship at Valle de Bravo.
  2. DLG Moto Art

    best mods fore tc250 2009

    Check out the new 2010 Husqvarna Special Parts catalog. There are many great parts like Leo Vince (for Enduro) and Arrow (for MX) exhausts. These look exactly the same as the ones that the factory bikes are using. There´s also some new adjustable black anodized tiple clamps, and more. You can also check the parts taht Zip Ty Racing is using on their race bikes. They sell almost every part they use. There are not too many parts on the market, if anyone hears about something else, please let me know. In Mexico we also import many parts from France, like rad braces, Al skid plates, etc.
  3. DLG Moto Art

    Your Best Husqvarna Photo for 2008!

    Homero Diaz 1st in Mexican Enduro Championship, 3 consecutive wins Maurizio Carminati, 1st in Mexican Supermoto Championship, 2 consecutive wins Cocoy Lopez, 2nd in Mexican Supermoto Championship Maurizio Carminati again with 2008 SMR 450R
  4. DLG Moto Art

    Our Supermotards

    More Husky SM riders from Mexico: 2008 SM 450R 2005 TC 450 converted to SM and 2007 SM 450RR 2008 SM 450R another 2008 450 RR!!! 2008 SM 450R Too many to list. Pics by Bishiracing. Thanks for the thread!!!
  5. DLG Moto Art

    Our Supermotards

    This is what we race in Mexico. This is a 2008 450 RR. There are only 3 in Mexico, one is still available. Official Husky Mexico rider Maurizio Carminati #71, 2 times SM national champion, Italian motocross champion and ex world enduro rider. Our plan is to race at the AMA Supermoto round on November 1 Auditorium Shores, Austin, Texas. We are looking for sponsors. Pics by Bishiracing
  6. DLG Moto Art

    2008 TE 510's: October?

    May be, but the TXC version is a product made specifically for the US (some countries can request it like I did). It may be because the quantity needed for the US is a lot more compared to what other countries need. Do you know of any company that has started to make aftermarket parts for the 08´s? The radiator guards I make for pre 08 bikes fitted ok, but that was the only part I could use for the new bikes.
  7. DLG Moto Art

    2008 TE 510's: October?

    Yes. The weight reduction is great, I tested a TXC 450 and it feels like you are riding a 06 250 (obiously with more power). The rear suspension is one of the best I´ve ridden. Also, the new plastic design and the black/red painted motor look awesome.
  8. DLG Moto Art

    2008 TE 510's: October?

    I am the Husky importer in Mexico. I have already received the 08´s, don´t know why you have not received the them in the US. In August, I received the 2 strokes and the TE, TC and TXC arrived this week.
  9. DLG Moto Art

    2009 is the real big change year, but

    If you want to know more about Husqvarna´s MY 08 and 09, you can check http://www.motocrossdigital.eu May´s issue on pages 150 to 161 (free download). They talk about the new 250, 450, frames, suspension, etc. There´s also interviews with Manfredi Fenici, Husq. technical manager, and Martino Bianchi, racing communications director. DLG Moto Art - Husqvarna Mexico
  10. New real xenon headlights for the SM and TE 610 are anow available through a mexican Husqvarna distribuitor. You don´t need to modify anything. For more details send e-mail to ofthefarm@hotmail.com