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  1. what is the quietest after market exaust for my xr100??? i ride it in the city so i cant be thumpin... maybe a tunable one? do they make them for 100's? please help
  2. i have a 2002 xr70 that i will sell for 1000 dollars in good condition and i live in st paul minnesota let me know if you are interested
  3. i just bought a 1996 xr100 and i wanna do some mods to it what are the best mods to do to it, and where can i find parts and also will newer body style xr100s plastic and gas tank fit on it i would kinda like to swap that out also.
  4. how good is a 1996 xr100 can you mod it at all? some one who has it what is the approximate speed and are the a good bike? good power? just general facts please thanx
  5. it is at a dealership if that makes a differance they would prolly want a 100 or 150 bucks xtra also is it worth it?
  6. i currently have a 2002 xr70 bone stock some scraches with normal wear and tear and some weird things with it.. would it be fair to trade for a 1996 xr100 with some sticker damage?? and possibly 1 or 2 hundred bucks? help me out i need some help!!!!!