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  1. racer_dude

    New toy!

    Little update. The choke "knob" pulled off in the first week of riding, so thankfully it starts first or second kick even after a week of sitting. The pumper carb works great, but I think the float is either sticking open or is set too high. If I shut the bike off and let it sit with the fuel on for 30 seconds or 5 hours it will leak like crazy, a full gas tank is worse. Even after all was said and done with the leaky fuel I get right around 45-50mpg Wayyyy better than my Raptor. I think the taller 16/40 combo will help too. I have had the Kenda rear on for a month now? and it has 400 miles on it. Pretty good rubber for the price so far and what I need it for. Hasn't touched dirt yet, but the street works just fine at 18psi. Still need to get it balanced as I have a 3 mile stretch of 60mph that lets the rear flop around a bit. The rest of my commute is 35-45 mph and no issues at all. Still to do: Install the black seat cover Install the black fork boots Install the Kenda front. Been busy riding it to work and enjoying the nice beach commute and our work schedule is kinda busy too P.S. Here is my other hobby. 4th place overall and 2nd place in class 1 last weekend at the BITD Silver State 300
  2. racer_dude

    New toy!

    I bought it ready to bolt up on the bike from Baja Designs. I have used their stuff on a lot of vehicles since I am a dealer for them. I actually rode home last night on the SoCal freeways and didnt have anyone give me the bird on the freeway, nor the streets to my house. Passed several cops / CHP and none of them blinked an eye. The light truly works great, much better than most of the car lights on the freeway which was cool I also know what I want for gearing now too, going to jump to a 16/40 just for the street since this is what this bike is mainly for, the 15/43 that is on it right now is good for 45-50 mph comfortable cruise and top speed of 80 before I felt that I was a little too high in the rpm's for that long.
  3. racer_dude

    New toy!

    It's technically not DOT, but I am going to chance it. It is really bright (I plan on running trails at night down the road) and would probably upset some drivers in oncoming traffic, but I aimed low for the time being.
  4. racer_dude

    New toy!

    It was a older friends that is moving to Oregon and couldn't take it. Hasn't been registered since '07. So after the back fees and bike purchase, I'm into it $1000 plus all the update parts and dual sport kit. It's a '96 and at some point he had all the suspension redone, so no leaks here. In a riding position you can't even tell its 17 years old. Pro tapers, new light and a new crfx fender make it feel like a brand new ride
  5. racer_dude

    New toy!

    Still have to put the black seat cover and fork books on to finish the look of black and white. Kenda's still waiting to be mounted too
  6. racer_dude

    New toy!

    Hmm, there was pictures
  7. racer_dude

    New toy!

    Hey guys! I had a big topic all written out but I'm on my cell and it erased it all! I will update this tomorrow when I get to work but here is my new to me xr4! Goodies: Crf450x front fender Baja Designs Squadron led front + dual sport kit Trail Tech Vapor Applied triple clamp Pro tapers Desert tank Pegs Shock / fork work 440 kit Mikuni pumper Exhaust Polisport rear with led tail and flush mount blinkers from Baja Designs Excel wheels Wasn't a runner when I picked it up - after 6 years of not one kick other than mine for about 30 minutes last week, the pumper carb had it fired up and running in 2!
  8. racer_dude

    SCORE Ironman Class

    i say make the motorcycles start a FULL DAY infront of us car guys... i am a bike rider by heart and always will be, but racing in baja is dangerous.. add bikes, quads, trucks, buggies and idiots into the factor at the same exact time... not good 3 hours isnt enough.. a shock collar wouldnt help some bike riders, let alone a beeper.. iornman (and woman, anna cody could probly beat most men including me) is ironman... no dividing it up...
  9. racer_dude

    YZ 450F as a Baja Bike?

    the only reason 650's rule baja is because they are huge and make decent power and torque stock, therefore they dont do many motor mods which equals reliability... when you start punching out 450's reliability becomes a factor when your doing 100+ mph across el diablo dry lake bed for 5 miles when it is 110 degrees outside in the middle of june for the 500.. now as far as suspension, i can see why they take the forks and shocks off their bikes to sell them... because they have A LOT of money invested in them and with the 650's not changing much, they can reuse them on the next years race bikes and the big six five o is like a cadillac to ride, doesnt wear you out (depending on the terrain) and you can ride for hours at race speed, now just dont stall it or tip er over..
  10. racer_dude

    YZ 450F as a Baja Bike?

    i agree with you 98% **web-cam racing cam** would be my only change and let me know when your going to race it.. i first started going to baja in 1995 and been going ever since.... we raced it in a pro-truck and won in 2004 and second place in 2003 and 2005... i travel to baja at least 10 times a year and know the area and most of the courses from pre-running with my step-dad very well 18 years old and amature-expert rider
  11. i like the stock protapers... and the triple-clamp is mighty fine if i do say so myself... look into exahust options for power gains?? that is what i was told to do (per ty davis) and skid plates for the desert...
  12. racer_dude

    bad luck?or what?

    no i still dont get the point... it sounds like these kids are young i.e. i belive you said they are on a 65, and 85's?? so there might be room for error there yes? and dont blame anything on a jump, becuase 3 bad crashes on it is nothing compared to how many riders hit it clean? when something goes wrong look at the source of the problem first, dont blame it on the easiest thing around that cant fight back or argue its point... p.s. i have never hit my bars either and been riding for 15 years now, casing two tables that i tried to double that were 100 feet apart
  13. racer_dude

    TWMX mag rated the 2006 YZ450f....

    i just did a brief research project on past moto champions and i can only find 2 people that have won championships in 125 250 and 500... i belive motomouth said that those were the championships he has in ama pro-racing yes? i could be wrong since it was a whole 3 pages ago for me... well here they are Mike Keidrowski who now has championships in the desert i belive Jeff Ward who races indy cars and the indy 500 now please correct me if i am wrong, i did this in a hurry http://www.motorsportsetc.com/champs/ama_mx.htm http://www.motorsportsetc.com/champs/ama_sx.htm p.s. i LOVE my 2006 YZ450F i could care less what stupid magazines rate it...
  14. racer_dude

    Lets see those pit bikes!!

    2003 XR50 my ride in use... nothin special just an '03 xr with yellow plastics and a rear shock, pro-taper kit, and springs
  15. i drive a 2001 f-150 supercrew... im happy with it other than the bed is smaller than a r/c truck, underpowered, and a gas guzzler... but hey, it gets me to and fro in a hurry, if i happen to have about 3 miles to get up to speed...