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  1. Hello Grayracer513...Your recommendations (brand) on buying  seal kits for a 2009 YZ450F. Gona venture doing it myself. 

    Thanks for your advice.



    Houston, TX

  2. Currenty on my 2009 YZ450 and love this bike. To me, this bike handles in the woods like a dream. Great STOCK suspension, smooth power on tap. My buddies all ride Honda's or KTM's and i don't like them. Considering a 2016 or 2017 450F but was wonder what the power characteristics are like compared to my 2009. I just hear about how powerful they are. 6'2" & 220 without gear. Thanks for everyones help.
  3. Never noticed this before but when I went to tighten my chain last night with the axel blocks on the same mark, the bolts that allow for the ajustments are at differnet lengths. When I roll my wheel it seems to be out of allignment. Suggestions or am i seeing things? Tracy A. Gore

    08 or 09 YZ450F

    I've been looking for a new 09 and have come across a smokin deal on a new 08. Anyone ride both and would recommend the 09 over the 08? I ride woods and harescrambles. Thanks for everyone's input. Tracy

    castorol motor oil

    I've used the Rotella T for years and I've never had to do any work on my clutch. I just purchased some Valvoline Diesel oil to try (buy1 get 1 free coupon). Anyone tried the Valvoline Priemum Blue diesel oil?
  6. I have an 06 250F that I put black excell rims and HD spokes on the stock hubs. Will the 07 wave rotors and sprockets fit on the 06 hubs? Thanks for any advice. TAG
  7. Any advise on jetting my bike for 8K-12Kft. I'm not sure whats in there but I have an Wiseco high comp piston and WB Alum Pro and the bike was rejetted by the shop that installed them. As a rule should I drop down a certain % on the jets?

    05YZF oil leag

    My buddy has an 05 that's leaking oil from what I think is the old compression release plug/hole on the older YZF, it's spewing oil onto the rediator. Anyone know what the fix is? As always, thanks for everyones help. Tracy
  9. After a mud race my buddies clutch wouldn't completly stop the bike when pulled in. He didn't wreck or adjust the clutch during the race.We thought it needed new plates so he installed new plates and springs. Bike is acting the same. Any ideas why the bike still wants to go forward after the clutch in pulled? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. I just purchased a used 06 KXF250 ( smoking deal $2,900.00) and I noticed the kick starter sticks occasionally. I this normal on this bike? Also, the bike's been setting up since this summer and it's running a little rough ( back firing and sputtering). I'm going to drain the gas and clean the carb and lnstall a new fuel screw. Any other suggestions? Thanks Tracy
  11. I currently have an 06 with high comp piston & WB Alum Pro II and the guy that installed the piston and pipe for me rejetted it. My bike runs like a chalded ape. I never rode mine with the stock piston. My buddy just got his 06 and installed a Two Brothers slip on pipe with stock jetting. When I rode his bike (less low end but more top end) I noticed a bog when getting on it hard and back firing when deceling. Is this a jetting and fuel screw problem, if so , any recommendations? This site and been a wealth of info and I appreciate everyone's help... TAG Houston, TX
  12. TAGYZF

    Questions - Help!!!

    Fuel screw was missing. I never would of even thought to check the fuel screw. Thanks so much.
  13. 06 YZF250 Wisco High Comp Piston, WB Alum Pro are the mods, all else is stock. Raced a Hare Scramble on Sunday. Bike ran great for parade lap, to the line and start of race. During the race (1st lap of 3) it started poping during decel and reving fast with the clutch in. I continued to race thinking it was something stuck in the carb. After the race I loaded up and went to the house to clean her up. I started the bike after I cleaned it up and I had to keep giving it gas to keep it from dying and now I can't get it to start. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Tracy
  14. TAGYZF

    Undecided About 250F

    I've had 2 CRF's and spent in excess of $ 1,000.00 getting the valves worked on and the biggest frustration isn't the money, it's the down time and driving to the shop each time to drop it off and pick it up. I loved the way the bike's handles and the suspension, but it isn't any better than my Yamaha's. I now have an 06 250F (best bike I've ever owned) and I've owned 4 other YZF's (250, 2-400's & 426) and other than suspension service, I haven't had 1 reason to take the bikes in for service. I think top to bottom the Yamaha is a better built and more reliable bike. Hope this help with you decision.
  15. TAGYZF

    Best, yet cheap pipe

    I installed the WB Alum Pro II (2006 250F) and was very surprised by the fact that it seems to be no louder than the stock pipe yet still offers great power gains. Also, it runs great with stock jetting.