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  1. kkameny

    air leak?

  2. kkameny

    air leak?

    I decided to check my jetting last night to try to eliminate some decel popping. The previous owner wasn't sure what it had.T he bike ran good before. I have a Q pipe, Yamaha AIS block off, YZ stop,grey wire cut, Zip ty screw.At sea level It appeared to be jetted o.k. main-168. pj-50, needle is the one from the AIS kit at the 4th position. So when I put it back together it popped 100% worse. I didn't change anything,I even took it back apart to make sure all was o.k. The only thing I found was I broke the the fitting for the hot start at the carb. It works o.k. ,but will it leak air through it and cause popping? Thanx
  3. kkameny

    scotts vs gpr vs RTT wr450

    Wondering if there is a difference between a Scotts for the street and dirt. I want to use the one on my R1. What's the best mount/bar set up?
  4. kkameny

    05 WR450 decel pop

    I just got a 05 WR450 with a possible jetting problem. I've searched alot of threads on this but can't seem to find the answer. The bike rus good,but pops on decel and at times has a slight bog.The head pipe gets red pretty fast at idle. I'm abit confused at what the various jets do. The previous owner said it has a 170 main, but was'nt sure about the pilot. The pilot is for idle circuit, I think, so could the be my popping problem,or do I need to rejet completely? It starts ,runs and idles good. It has a FMF Q pipe,YZ stop, gray wire cut, and adjustable fuel screw.In california 1000 ft. Sorry about the long winded post, but any advice would be welcome. Can you get to the jets just by turning the carb or must you remove it? Thanx
  5. kkameny

    scotts damper mounting?

    I just got a 05 WR450 and I'm trying to find the best Scotts mounting set up. Do I need new triple clamps and bars, or just a clamp? I run a Scotts on my R1, so I want to be able to just swap the damper. Thanx for the info ,in advance. Cool forum btw.
  6. It is probably backfireing because of the A.I.S. Either remove it or just plug the hose from the air box. Same system as my R1.
  7. kkameny

    AIS removal and jetting ?

    bump ,sorry
  8. kkameny

    AIS removal and jetting ?

    I just jetted my 05 wr 450 with an FMF Q pipe and throttle stop mod. Do I need to rejet again when I remove the AIS ,grey wire,and open air box?