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    The two loudest noises in the universe are a "click" when you expect a "bang" and a "bang" when you expect a "click".
  1. I should build a few and start claiming rewards.
  2. What he said, but only make suspension changes one or two clicks at a time and only comp or rebound alone not both at the same time.
  3. Washington

    I bought 2 bikes from them after my daughters spent a couple summers there.
  4. Washington

    Log your hours here. Get and leave trail info here.
  5. If you are going to ride Largos/942 please ride it from East to West or South to North as some see it, there are some sections that do not hold up well when ridding them from the WRONG direction. and please be realistic in your skill level I see allot of trail tore up on obstacles that should not be.
  6. Oregon

    Gotta love are sponsors.
  7. Washington

    Johnsons paste wax on the goggles.
  8. Washington

    What conversion is that. Bike and Track.
  9. Washington

    Through the clearcut? Should be done next spring.
  10. Washington

    I did some this year, not as much as I wanted. { to Build } I heard that there is another very large tree down that you can just get under. can any one confirm.
  11. Some from Utah Joe.